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It’s the Real Thing: Mezzo Mix

26 Aug Do You Have Mezzo Mix in the Can?

As a fan of Epcot’s Club Cool at Walt Disney World, I’ve been disappointed to find no evidence of the Beverly soft drink actually existing in Italy. So you can imagine my enthusiasm and excitement when I arrived in Germany last week and discovered Mezzo Mix in the wild: In two-liter ¬†bottles, on restaurant menus, in vending machines. There’s even a Mezzo Mix Light.

The gallery below includes pictures taken in Frankfurt, Heidelberg, and Munich.

Captain EO is the Answer. What Was the Question?

12 Apr

"Hello, good times"

Some mornings, Captain EO is the only reasonable answer. And at times like this, I thank my lucky stars for sites like E82 which keep me well-stocked with nostalgic Epcot tunes. (Why yes indeed, I did need to hear Angelica Huston hiss “Infidels!!!” on my way to work this morning. Not sure if I could have survived the commute without it, at least on an emotional level.)

Hat tip to The Adventures of a Lost Boy, whose author clued me in on E82.

Well, Maybe I Can Do Without Cyberspace Mountain After All

15 Oct

The one thing I hate about the idea that DisneyQuest will probably eventually close is that I fear they won’t move Cyberspace Mountain, but just let it die. I love Cyberspace Mountain, and was sad this summer that it’s gone from Walt Disney Studios Paris. Bill Nye in French, how can you argue with that?

But….looks like they might have me covered, what with the new The Sum of All Thrills design-your-own-roller-coaster attraction coming soon to Epcot. And being a geek, I’m intrigued by the math angle they seem to be working. From Raytheon’s press release:

“The Sum of All Thrills” will be a core component of Raytheon’s MathMovesU program, an initiative designed to engage middle school students in math and science, and help create the next generation of innovators for the U.S. It will be located in the INNOVENTIONS pavilion at Epcot, a unique area of the park that contains 100,000 square feet of interactive, hands-on exhibits that allow visitors to celebrate the inspiration and innovation that improve their lives and expand their horizons.

If you’re not a nerd, you might find the photo in the Orlando Sentinel a little sexier.

Satire: Hitler Finds Out About EPCoT

21 May

Before you click play….let me please repeat my standard disclaimer that this blog is rated PG-13?

From projectxblog on YouTube, hat tip to my buddy Trace from The Disney Dudes Podcast.

Stunning, Creepy Deathcot by Jon Santos

3 Feb

Is this truly the destroyed Death Star, far smaller than one would have imagined? Has it been brought home like a trophy, and installed in utopian Future World at Epcot to celebrate our triumph over the Empire?

Twenty-five archival prints are available for sale, as the original run sold out in 2005.

Hat tip: BoingBoing.

Epcot London or Real London?

3 Jan

Listeners of the Those Darn Cats podcast know that I have a tiny little bit of an opinion about the difference between Epcot pavillions and their corresponding real-world locations. So, can you spot six differences between these pictures of me in Epcot London and the real London? And can you tell which one is which?

London One

London Two

(Heya Danielle, since you took one of these pictures, no fair cheating!)

MouseFest Shopping List, Part I

5 Aug

Just seen on WDW News Today: Finally, a super-kawaii Figment shirt, apparently in a women’s cut! And if I’m reading the tag right, it’s priced fairly reasonably. I guess I know where I’m spending my souvenir allowance at MouseFest!

I also recently saw a WALL-E souvenir on the Home by the Sea blog which is philosophically in keeping with the movie’s environmental theme: Pressed nickels, which of course are made from 100% recycled materials (heck, you’re recycling them yourself, and in some machines at least you’re even contributing some of the energy to press them). Sadly, so far I’ve only heard of them being at Disneyland…if anybody sees them pop up on Walt Disney World campus please drop me a note! (Hat tip: John Frost‘s shared RSS items.)

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