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Disney x Barney’s: Minnie Dreams of Heroin Chic?

16 Nov

My friend @TheJoezer completely nailed it this morning: The Disney x Barneys video released this week is “Minnie dreams of heroin chic.”


Skinny Minnie creeps me out a bit, but I don’t think she’s the real issue. From this week’s Jentasmic! at StudiosCentral:

I’m not convinced that Minnie’s temporary transformation into an emaciated 5’11” dress size zero fashion model is in and of itself particularly threatening to the well-being of young girls. What troubles me more is a related point raised by the “Leave Minnie Alone” petition: The problem is “with a dress that only looks good on a woman who is 5’11 and a size zero.” And we’re really not talking about just one dress here, people; we’re talking about an industry.

Creepy Mad Hatter Picture in 1961 Disneyland Fashion Photo

15 Apr

It’s not just me, right? There’s just something kinda creepy about this picture, featured in Kevin Kidney’s blog post on a 1961 Midwest Magazine fashion spread. Maybe it’s the fact that his hands are so much smaller than they should be, compared to his head. Maybe it’s the fact that he doesn’t really have much of a torso. But mostly, it’s the pinned pupils, they make him look evil.

Hat tip to my dear spouse for sending me the link! Somehow I’ve been falling behind in my RSS feeds. Can’t imagine how that could happen.

Toy Story 3 Adidas

9 Jan

It’s a good thing the Toy Story 3 Adidas don’t come in adult sizes. Because if they did, my entire family would leave the house each morning wearing matching shoes.

(Hat tip to Trace of The Disney Dudes for sending me the link!)

Hey Goths and Lolitas! Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party

16 Mar

The LAist, via BoingBoing brings us news of a fabulous fashion opportunity in Culver City, California:

When Scot Reyes, owner of the pop culture doll shop The Valley of the Dolls (see LAist’s visit to this store), announced his plans for a Mad Tea Party at Royal/T, LA Lolitas and doll collectors took notice. Then “lolitamom” posted the event information in this Live Journal entry on the la loligoth page prompting several lolitas to discuss their costume plans for the big party. Variations on the Queen of Hearts costume is sure the be popular and a some goth Cheshire cats too.

LA Lolitas, doll collectors, and other Alice in Wonderland fans have until Saturday, March 21 (from 3-9pm) to get dolled up and ready for the Mad Tea Party at Royal/T. With music by International Pop Conspiracy, high tea, a raffle, and a Valley of the Dolls pop up shop, it is sure to be a magical day. LAist will be there to check it out.

If any of y’all go, you simply must share your pictures with me! I imagine there will be plenty of overlap between this and the Bat Day in the Fun Park event. I must say, those West Coast types have way better alt/Disney events than I’ve ever seen back here in the Northeast. Just  look at the show my friend Geoff blogged about recently. Damn. At least I can console myself next week with Japan Nite US Tour, even if it’s totally Disney-free.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Merch from Lucky Jeans

12 Jun

Now this is what I’m talking about, baby…Lucky Jeans is launching some merchandise featuring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit! I do wish they were doing actual jeans, but the t-shirts are cute. Shirts are available for both men (pictured) and women.  (Thanks for the tip, Marissa!)

And yes, I would wear this with my lumbar pack in a New York minute, were I ever to find it on clearance somewhere. This girl’s gotta be both fashion-forward and budget conscious!

Fashion Tips for Disney Tourists

12 Jun

Let she who is without sin cast the first stone. And honey, that’s not gonna be me…I knew way before even pressing “play” that my beloved and infamous lumbar pack would be among the Glamour Don’ts listed here.

Hat tip: Disney Blog.

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