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Hidden Mickey in Muppet Christmas Carol?

16 Dec

Broke Hoedown Jr and I were watching Kermit’s 50th Anniversary Edition of The Muppet Christmas Carol yesterday, and we noticed this little guy waving out the window in the final seconds of the film (click on the image for a larger view):

Looks quite a bit like Mickey to me, especially around the hairline and the ears. Anybody else think so?

World’s Oldest Hidden Mickey

17 Jun

Mr Broke Hoedown may not be a Disney fan, but he knows a Hidden Mickey when he sees it. A thousand-year old Mickey Mouse was recently discovered in Sweden. One can only hope that no copyright wackiness will ensue.

Vintage Mickey fans may notice that while the mouth doesn’t look much like our beloved mouse, the shape and size of the eyes is certainly reminiscent of Plane Crazy.

Thoughts on Meet the Robinsons (Including a Hidden Mickey!)

30 Mar

Heading out to see “Meet the Robinsons?” Watch for a hidden Mickey! Shortly after you meet Uncle Art, he’ll be timing Uncle Gaston being shot out of a cannon against a locomotive. Notice the shape of the timer Art pulls out!

And by the way, if you’re a Disney Visa holder, you probably want to go take the MTR trivia quiz, and see if you win a free CD. They Might Be Giants have a cover of There’s A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow on the Meet the Robinsons Soundtrack, but much to my dismay you don’t get to hear it in the film.

MouseExtra has some good commentary today on reviews for the film. I’m inclined to agree with Dave that there will be a real divide between those who see the film in 3D, and those who don’t. If you’re going to see it at all, you need to see it in digital 3D. Plus, that means you get to see the 1953 Donald Duck cartoon Working for Peanuts in its original 3D — for this Disney geek, that alone was worth the price of admission.

I know the thrill of seeing the PeopleMover transporting citizens through the city of tomorrow will eventually wear off. And when I think back more critically on Meet the Robinsons, once the jet lag and caffeine overdose from this week’s business trip have worn off, I have a hunch it’s not gonna hold up real well. But ya know, I might just go see it again this weekend, have an extra sip of Kool-Aid and try not to let my critical mind spoil the fun too soon.

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