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Jentasmic! Around the World in Disney Days

26 May

My Jentasmic! column at this week starts on facebook, and travels around the globe:

The other day, I found myself listing the five things I’d immediately spend tons of cash on if I were to hit the lottery big time. Yes, the charitable foundation and the big house were at the top of my list, along with sending my husband to Mongolia (honest, he’s wanted to go there for decades). And, you guessed it, so was a fabulous vacation to all the Disney Parks around the world. (After all, my spouse will be in Mongolia for a while, and the boy and I need to keep ourselves occupied somehow, right?) I’ve been to nine of the Disney Parks already, only missing Tokyo DisneySea and Hong Kong Disneyland, but I’d love to take a leisurely couple months to visit them all sequentially, and also enjoy some of the surrounding areas.

Head on over to read the rest….

Ain’t No Drinking on the Carousel

18 Dec

Am I curious why Hong Kong Disneyland insists you must be sober to ride Cinderella’s Golden Carousel? Yes.

Did I enjoy reading my friend Hayden’s HKDL report on DisFriends? Yes.

Am I green with envy, wanting to see yet another Magic Kingdom? You betcha!

HK Disneyland Haunted Halloween Ad

2 Sep

(Courtesy of HKDLSource)

First, I just have to ask…does the Demon Llama ever go to the Demon Jungle?

Next, I have to say…I wanna go! Damn, that parade looks like fun. But my life is already full of so many fabulous travel opportunities I cannot allow myself to get too whiney about this. Have I mentioned MouseFest is just a little over 3 months away now?

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Video

25 Feb

The HKDL Source recently provided a batch of Hong Kong Disneyland promotional videos on YouTube, including this clip featuring the resort hotels and a “Top Seven” roundup (with apologies to WDW’s Stacy!):

I’d love to run around in that hedge maze . . . reminds me of Alice’s Curious Labryinth at Disneyland Paris. Also, I have to wonder what occupancy rates are like at the resort hotels these days. HK Disneyland attendance has been on an upswing, but I don’t know how much of that is from tourists, and how much from those within a day trip. And if occupancy is low, might that mean lower prices? I suppose I could check online to see what they’re charging . . . but shouldn’t tempt myself!

It’s interesting how they use some faux-vintage video footage at the end, perhaps trying to borrow a little of Anaheim’s nostalgic feel for its newer cousin.

Hong Kong Disneyland Year of the Mouse Commercial

17 Jan

As the Chinese New Year approaches, Hong Kong Disneyland is ramping up its marketing campaign for the Year of the Mouse. The HKDL Source has posted a subtitled, extended commercial on YouTube.

If you watch carefully, you can spot at least one of the publicity photos taken of Chow Yun Fat for the POTC: AWE launch.

One of my Disney New Year’s Resolutions was to resist booking a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland, since they haven’t really beefed up the number of attractions yet. And in some ways it’s an easy resolution to keep . . . Hong Kong’s definitely a pricier trip than Orlando or Anaheim. But man, I want some of that Mickey merchandise for the Year of the Mouse!

Survey Sez HK Disneyland a Waste of Money

31 Dec

Hong Kong’s The Standard reports that a recent survey found Hong Kong Disneyland to be the second most wasteful use of public money since the handover of Hong Kong’s government.

Now, I can’t claim to know much about Hong Kong politics, but if Disney’s gonna be trying to hit up the Hong Kong government for any additional investments to continue to build park capacity, this just can’t help matter much, now can it?

Hong Kong Officials Talking Tough on Disneyland

25 Dec

From Forbes, earlier this week:

Legislators expressed frustration about Hong Kong Disneyland’s poor progress.

Opposition legislator Fred Li noted the Hong Kong government footed most of the park’s $3.5 billion construction cost and demanded Disney invest more in the project. The government owns 57 percent of Hong Kong Disneyland, with Disney owning the rest.

“In the future, you should pay for the lobster and we should only pay for the soup or the sauce,” Li told Hong Kong Disneyland Managing Director Bill Ernest, who attended Friday’s hearing.

Another opposition lawmaker, Mandy Tam (nyse: TAM news people ), asked if the government would consider pulling out of the project altogether.

“Under what circumstances will you decide to terminate your agreement with the company (Disney)?” she said.

I find this especially interesting in the light of revived rumors earlier this month about the possible Shanghai Disneyland, perhaps on the Yangtze River. Gotta wonder what kinds of interesting conversations are happening among Chinese and Hong Kong officials, eh?

More Entertainment Options Coming to HK Disneyland

19 Dec

From The HKDL Source:

Today Bill Ernest, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Hong Kong Disneyland, announced four new entertainment initiatives for 2008 – Muppet Mobile Lab, High School Musical Celebration, Nemo Submarine “Turtle Talk” and The Art of Animation.

“As part of our continuing strategy to enhance our Guests’ experience, we are excited to add new attractions and entertainment offerings in 2008 that truly showcase the magic of Disney’s cutting-edge technology, its timeless stories and beloved characters, who will appeal to Guests of all ages,” said Ernest. “After entertaining millions of Guests in our first two years of operation, Hong Kong Disneyland will continue to find new, immersive ways to delight families from Hong Kong and all over Asia for many years to come.”

Starting in spring 2008, these four new entertainment offerings will be unveiled to Guests at Hong Kong Disneyland. These experiences are in addition to the already-announced classic Disney attraction it’s a small world – which will include entertainment features unique to Hong Kong Disneyland.

I’m sure none of these really do much for park capacity, but they might give Guests a little more bang for their buck, and perhaps keep morale high on those unusual peak days when lines are long.

Best . . . Towel Animals . . . Ever!

9 Dec

The HKDL Source reports:

“Disney Christmas HarMagic” aims at promoting family harmony through a three-phase program targeted at underprivileged kids, their families and the elderly. After the creation of these towel ornaments, Disney VoluntEARS will prepare goodie bags together with orphans and children from single-parent families in mid December in order to present these goodie bags to the elderly who live alone at Christmas. This program not only shows the spirit of Disney VoluntEARS, but we hope it will bond different groups in need as they help and support each other at this special time of year.

Yeah, as if I needed more of a reason to want to go to Hong Kong. Towel animals!!

What’s Up with Shanghai Disneyland?

22 Nov

China Daily sez that Shanghai Disneyland is still in the works. Disney does not confirm or deny. Mousevine chimed in yesterday with a reasonable point of view on what to make of the conflicting reports in the press:

I think the real truth of the matter here is that Disney is still leaving its options open as far as opening a second park on the mainland. China is a huge market and Disney has been aggressive in its approach to tap into the Chinese market.

Yet, there is a lot of truth in Disney’s statement that they’re focusing on trying to improve Hong Kong Disneyland. Let’s just hope that they’re not just uttering empty words but will soon take serious action to ensure a “successful operation” of Hong Kong Disneyland.

Now, Disney’s clearly got their hands full in trying to support the struggling Hong Kong Disneyland. Marketwatch reports this week:

Walt Disney Co. . . . said it agreed to waive management fees to support its unprofitable Disneyland park in Hong Kong for two years, and will also defer charging royalties over the same period.

Hong Kong Disneyland, in which the city’s government owns 57% and Walt Disney 43%, has suffered widening losses this year on a fall in attendance and spending by visitors. The park opened in September 2005.

Disney also said in a filing to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Wednesday that Hong Kong Disneyland’s lenders have agreed to remove performance targets linked to a US$284 million commercial loan and a US$129 million revolving credit facility.

The park had earlier faced the threat that the banks would withhold future funding after it twice missed the semiannual targets set by its lenders.

Yesterday I found myself once again daydreaming about a Hong Kong Disneyland trip, and perused their web site to refresh my memory of which rides are operational at this time. I still find it hard to believe they don’t have either a Haunted Mansion or a Pirates of the Caribbean! Broke Hoedown Jr wanted to nix my fantasy trip right then and there. But when I reminded him they’ve got the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, he warmed up to the idea again. And the interactive Stitch Encounter looks kinda cool (yes, I am a heathen, I am rather fond of Stitch).

It certainly would seem like Disney’s already got its hands full, with the major expansions in the works for Disney’s California Adventure (DCA) plus the help needed for Hong Kong Disneyland. But I’m sure there are potential synergies between Hong Kong and Shanghai (despite the geographical and cultural differences), and of course neither of those Parks are or would be managed by the same groups as DCA. I’ll hope the Disney suits make the right call.

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