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Survey Sez HK Disneyland a Waste of Money

31 Dec

Hong Kong’s The Standard reports that a recent survey found Hong Kong Disneyland to be the second most wasteful use of public money since the handover of Hong Kong’s government.

Now, I can’t claim to know much about Hong Kong politics, but if Disney’s gonna be trying to hit up the Hong Kong government for any additional investments to continue to build park capacity, this just can’t help matter much, now can it?

Not-so-hidden Mickey in Hong Kong Subway

26 Oct

The Dark Roasted Blend blog has a great piece today on heavily decorated subway cars in Asia, including a Mickey Mouse car in Hong Kong (photo credit Ryan Cordell).

Ask a Ninja Pirates Of the Caribbean 3 Review

19 Jun

Ask a Ninja doesn’t seem to have enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Go fig.

Hong Kong Refuses to Reveal Disneyland Attendance Stats

23 May

According to, the Hong Kong government won’t release attendance figures for Hong Kong Disneyland.

The Hong Kong government Wednesday refused to release attendance figures for the territory’s Disneyland theme park amid suspicions that the 3.5 billion US dollar venture is struggling to attract visitors. The park, which opened in September 2005, has not released any attendance figures for eight months since it admitted it had fallen around 500,000 visitors short of its first-year target of 5.6 million.

Combine this with the fact that they’re apparently desperate enough for Guests to offer free Annual Passes for anyone born in 1997, and I think you’ve got a picture of a park in trouble. But let’s not forget, Euro Disney wasn’t exactly an instant hit either, and these days it’s doing quite well.

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