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Post-Holiday Funnies

5 Jan

Amazing the odds and ends that accumulate in one’s blogreader when one goes offline for more than a week! These made me laugh.

I also must highly recommend my BFF’s rant about the televised Disney Christmas parade. Here’s a taste to get you started:

one would think that, as a disney parks fan, blogger and podcaster and as an AP passholder with a tinkerbell tattoo on my left shoulder, well, that i might glean a few moments of christmas cheer from this mornings christmas parade “live” from the world. all i can say is “bah humbug”. wait – that’s not all i can say, i can indeed work up an ire worthy of 1500 or so words about how much it SUCKS and how pathetically BAD that 2 hour, over-produced, ass-kissing, money sucking, soul stealing waste of money, time and energy was – in fact, i can make the statement that, were i not the completely obsessed park fan that i am, if somehow all i knew of disney were that movies are made and there are places to visit, i dare say i would NEVER want to go there. i would, in fact, be all the people who look at me quite strangely when they find out i am going there. again.

Darth Tater lolcat

1 Jul

dis what you do on weekends? srsly?

I swear, if my pug could talk this is exactly what she would have said to me as I was making up tiny little t-shirts for my Pal Mickey to wear at Star Wars Weekends.

Or when I was heading out the door to buy yet another round of cosplay supplies for the next anime convention.

I really do have a life, I swear it!

Disney lolcats Roundup

27 May

These things just accumulate in my blogreader . . . and every now and then I can’t resist sharing them with you all!

With apologies to all those Crocs-loving message board denizens, and a nod to

(Full disclosure: I own a pair of fleece-lined crocs, which I rarely wear in public but do love love love!)

And this last one has nothing to do with Disney, but it’s so funny I couldn’t resist:

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