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Extreme Japanese Custom Vans

6 Jun


Just one of many outrageously fabulous custom vans, courtesy of Pink Tentacle
(and sent to me by Mr. Broke Hoedown.

Disney vs. Nickelodeon: Battle of the Brands

28 Nov

The Orlando Sentinel has a story today about the brand competition between Disney and Nickelodeon, embodied in the Nick Hotel right outside WDW campus.

Though the Disney empire dwarfs Nickelodeon’s, Orlando marketing analyst Britt Beemer said even a giant like Disney needs to be on guard.

“If Dora the Explorer is the hot item for your children and Minnie Mouse isn’t, Disney has something to worry about,” Beemer said. “In this area, you are either right or dead. You are either the hunter or the hunted. The hotel in Disney’s backyard speaks to this. Nickelodeon knows its audience, and that audience is at Disney.”

The Nick Hotel also differs from Disney’s offerings in that it’s operated by a partner organization, Holiday Inn, and participates in the associated hotel points program (Disney’s Swan and Dolphin fit the former, but not the latter as far as I can tell). This may not sound like much, but it scores big with frequent business travelers like myself who rack up points during business travel and want to cash them in with the family. And Cosmo didn’t seem even the slightest bit threatened by my Mickey Mouse t-shirt.

Visiting with Cosmo

Desperate Mousewives: Creepy Mashup!

24 Oct

BoingBoing posted a link today to a decidedly creepy mashup: Racy dialog from Desperate Housewives dubbed onto a Mickey Mouse cartoon, including Mickey, Minnie and Pluto. Yikes. Makes me a little extra-glad that I still haven’t gone looking for that Disneyland Paris video with the fur characters getting it on.

More Hi-Res Images from Walt Disney World, Plus a Special Thanks

10 Oct

I’ve noticed that my blog posts with images for desktop wallpaper get a decent amount of traffic, so on my trip to WDW last weekend (yay!) I took a few more pictures that might just make good desktop wallpapers. The first one in the list below currently graces my own Thinkpad.

Rock’n’ Roller Coaster:

Magic Kingdom WDW Railroad:

And the Railroad again, for those who prefer the image off to the right:

Bear in the Big Blue House, in the Disney/MGM Studios Stars and Motor Cars parade:

Mickey, Minnie, and Donald, in that same parade:

I also wanted to say a special thanks to a few Cast Members who made our trip last weekend extra-special, as my son and I were visiting with my super-duper old-time best friend Lisa, celebrating her fortieth birthday. CM Chris, riding a Segway near Mission Space on Friday evening, spent some extra time with us and gave us a little VIP treatment. CM Jack laughed with us as we took silly pictures at the Crystal Palace on Saturday. A monorail driver, whose name I have sadly forgotten, gave us inside tips about the Electrical Water Pageant, and made my son very happy with a Monorail Co-Pilot’s license and a trading card. All of these were special, magical moments . . . and each one of them even more special to us than the official Year of a Million Dreams moments we were fortunate enough to have that weekend as well! (More on that later . . . I’m still collecting my thoughts after such a great weekend, and will blog more on it anon!)

Desktop Wallpaper: Mickey climbs the Matterhorn

30 Aug

At Disneyland this summer, as part of the still-going-and-going celebration of Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary “Happiest Homecoming on Earth,” they’re running an occasional brief show where Mickey climbs the Matterhorn, with a little encouragement from Minnie and Goofy, as well as silent help from an anonymous friend. Here’s a shot of Mickey at the top of the Matterhorn, with streamers flying to announce his victory:

Free Image Hosting at

(Image posted here through ImageShack.)

It’s a fairly decent resolution, and should work well as a desktop on many systems. I edited it a bit, removing most traces of the wires on which Tinkerbell flies during the fireworks.

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