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Those Darn Cats Strike Again!

30 Apr

It’s come to my attention that there are a couple people out there who miss hearing Those Darn Cats on the MouseGuest Weekly podcast. I suppose there’s no accounting for taste, right?

So . . . Lisa and I happened to have a few unreleased TDC episodes sitting around on the shelf, and we’re planning to release them over the coming weeks. Lisa just posted the first one today, on the topic of where Disney should put its 12th theme park (not where they will, mind you . . . just where we think they should). You can download the MP3 directly, or use our RSS feed to subscribe, so you’ll automatically get the other episodes when they’re released.

We’re also still in the planning stages of something larger, so if there’s anything in particular you’d like to hear from a Those Darn Cats podcast, please leave a comment here or drop me a note. Whatever we eventually put together, rest assured that it will be random, silly, irreverent, fashion-forward, and occasionally veer unpredictably into PG-13 territory.

CatGuest Weekly Podcast

1 Apr

I am now truly a multi-media sensation, yay! Dan and Eric of MouseGuest Weekly Podcast have found themselves a bit overwhelmed by the day-to-day responsibilities of running a weekly podcast, a growing travel agency, and an expanding interactive web site. So, they’ve asked my BFF Lisa and I, aka Those Darn Cats, to take over hosting the MouseGuest Weekly Podcast for the time being.

So, don’t miss this week’s CatGuest Weekly (mp3), in which we discuss Walt Disney’s clear and unfortunate discomfort with the feline set.

Sambycat, are you pondering what I’m pondering? Today MouseGuest Weekly, tomorrow the world!

Disney Cosplay Pictures from Anime Boston 2008

26 Mar

Is this not the most amazing Davy Jones costume you’ve ever seen? Well, outside of Industrial Light and Magic, that is? This guy was in the shopping mall right outside Anime Boston, flocked of course by the paparazzi.

There aren’t too many people cosplaying Disney characters at anime conventions . . . after all, they are anime conventions, dedicated to Japanese animation. But there are usually a few. For some reason, there are usually too many Jack Sparrows, and I quickly lose count. There’s always a bunch of Kingdom Hearts cosplayers, probably far more than I would recognize as I haven’t played the game myself. I was particularly impressed by this woman’s costume , though, especially since it was a player-created character. I also saw a few women dressed as Snow White or Sleeping Beauty . . . but only caught a snapshot of the cosplayer pictured here.

There’s always a few Miyazaki characters too, and some of these folks are familiar to Disney fans, since Disney distributes Miyazaki’s films in the United States. There were a few people dressed up as Totoro this year, but my favorite Miyazaki cosplay at AB08 was this young woman, cosplaying the main character from Kiki’s Delivery Service. (And I must say, she looked way cuter as Kiki than I did when I cosplayed that character in 2004!)

It’s definitely been brought to my attention that Disney fans think it’s pretty weird that some of us anime fans dress up as our favorite characters. Um, people, about those glass houses? I do believe that plenty of Disney costumes come in grown-up sizes . . . and I do believe they get bought. We anime fans just don’t feel the need to confine our dress-up time to Halloween.

And hey, while I’m posting pictures . . . I now have rock-solid, photographic evidence that there’s at least one person in the world who listens to MouseGuest Weekly, and who is neither related to me nor on the show themself! Here’s the picture of our MouseGuest Micro-Meet. Thanks for coming to meet up with us, Chris!

MouseGuest Mini-Meet: Saturday 3/22 at Anime Boston

18 Mar

I’m always surprised that there’s not more crossover between Disney fans and anime conventions. After all, both Disney Parks and anime cons are places where full grown adults let their inner children run rampant. Both are heavily infested with wanna-be pirates, and with girls in princess dresses . . . though at the anime cons those girls tend to be a good bit older, and not always actually female. Which is, perhaps, part of the reason why I always feel right at home.

Dan Hess (of MouseGuest Weekly and Venis Productions) is one of only two of my friends from the Disney Digerati who I’ve actually met in person, and it’s because he and I both attend AnimeBoston, which is this coming weekend. And we figured hey, since we’ll both be in town, why not see if any MouseGuest listeners want to get together for lunch?

We’re meeting up for lunch with at least one listener (hi Chris!) at the Au Bon Pain in the Prudential Center Mall, at noon on Saturday. We picked this spot because it’s technically outside the convention, so you don’t have to register . . . but the people-watching should still be fabulous (many convention-goers will be dressed as their favorite anime characters). If anybody else is interested in getting together, drop me a note or just show up! We’ll be glad to see you.

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