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Disney Punch Mash-Up Trailer

16 Mar

Courtesy of forensicator8 on YouTube. Hat tip to blastr, and to my beloved for sending the link.

David Lynch’s A Goofy Movie Mashup Trailer

28 Mar

My friend Geoff left this link in the comments on my last post….and it’s amusing enough that it really warrants a post of its own! Courtesy of CodyRicheson on YouTube.

Makes me want to watch Mullholland Drive again, actually.

Star Wars Episode III: At Worlds End

16 Sep

Kudos, SparkleXmotion!

Dancing with the Star Wars Stars!

17 Jun

So wrong, it’s gotta be right! They almost lost me in the silliness of Luke and Leia dancing to We Are Family, but Amadala performing I Will Survive with Darth Vader brought things back to the sublimely ridiculous.

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