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Counting Down to MouseFest 2008!

6 Oct

Okay, I know it’s still a couple months away…but I’m excited to let you know that the Those Darn Cats Podcast (of which I am a co-host and co-producer) is an Underwriting Sponsor for MouseFest 2008! We’ve got a page up on our blog with info for a couple meets we’re hosting, at Haunted Mansionand Finding Nemo – The Musical. We may even throw something together for Thursday morning, if enough of our buddies seem to be around that early (hey buddy, whatcha doin’ before MouseFest 101?). And of course, the MouseFest site is the ultimate authority for all the various meets that will take place that week…including (I’m sure) tons that haven’t even been scheduled yet.

Photo by my BFF

Photo by my BFF

I am very sad that my son (aka The Wachamacallit) won’t be coming with me, due to his demanding academic life. (I’ve been complaining about this for a while now….even rambled on about it on my Jentasmic! column in August.) But Pal Mickey will no doubt keep me company — he does tell a joke or two, from time to time.

Plus, I’ve heard that there’s no such thing as a solo trip to MouseFest. It’s still early October and already I’m having to make tough choices about which activities to partake of! I suspect I will not have much time to sit around and mope.

And besides, I could not even consider missing MouseFest this year! I cannot risk a repeat of last year’s Mr. Potato Head Meet, which is the sole post ever published here under the tag “bitter bitter bitter.” Nobody wants to see that happen again.

Toy Story Mania Madness! Buckets, Potato Head!

9 Apr

StudiosCentral has pictures of souvenir popcorn buckets themed to the upcoming Toy Story Mania atraction, and apparently destined for distribution at all of the Disney Parks. Waaah, I can hardly wait! I am a total sucker for Toy Story swag. Plus, as an avid reader of icanhascheezburger, I have a certain attachment to bukkits.

Plus, The Disney Blog has some cool YouTube videos of Mr Potato Head, currently entertaining Guests at Disney’s California Adventure. I started to watch one of them . . . and then resisted the urge. I am trying trying trying to stay reasonably spoiler-free!

More Star Wars Spuds

5 Apr

Darth Mash

Spuda Fett

From hyku‘s Flickr photostream. Hat tip: John Frost’s RSS shared items.

And, because y’all know I am obsessed with counting down to my very first trip to Star Wars Weekends, here’s a lolpups I just gotta share:


New Mr. Potato Head: Taters of the Lost Ark!

25 Feb

From (via Home by the Sea, via John Frost‘s shared RSS items):


(Approximate Retail Price: $14.99; Ages 2 & up; Available: May 1, 2008)

Always ready for an adventure himself, MR. POTATO HEAD is eager to join Indy on his next big dig. MR. POTATO HEAD: TATERS OF THE LOST ARK features a treasure trove of accessories, including a “leather” jacket and Indy’s iconic whip and fedora – which plays the classic ”Raiders March” when placed atop the fun-loving spud’s head. MR. POTATO HEAD: TATERS OF THE LOST ARK comes with potato body and a total of 12 mix ‘n match parts.

Almost as good as Darth Tater. Not quite, but almost.

Pal Mickey at Mr Potato Head Meet

7 Dec

I’ve got a very busy work day ahead of me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have time to squeeze in a quick DIS meet before things get hopping! After all, this morning I saw BFF Lisa’s pictures from MouseFest Day One, so I needed a little get-together of my own. So, Pal Mickey and I got into the office a bit early this morning, and had our very own “make your own Mr Potato Head” meet.

Mr Potato Head was a very gracious host, and even set up a little tea party with his Disney Princess tea set, a gift from my dear sister-in-law.

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