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Walt Disnizzle Mixtape!

11 Sep

Attention Disney hipsters: You’re already at least 20 seconds late for downloading Walt Disnizzle Mixtape. Here’s how to fix that.

Hat tip: BoingBoing.

Captain EO is the Answer. What Was the Question?

12 Apr

"Hello, good times"

Some mornings, Captain EO is the only reasonable answer. And at times like this, I thank my lucky stars for sites like E82 which keep me well-stocked with nostalgic Epcot tunes. (Why yes indeed, I did need to hear Angelica Huston hiss “Infidels!!!” on my way to work this morning. Not sure if I could have survived the commute without it, at least on an emotional level.)

Hat tip to The Adventures of a Lost Boy, whose author clued me in on E82.

Wishery (Disney Remix) by Pogo

11 Jan

How have I not heard this before? Pogo‘s remixed Snow White audio and video into a enchanting electro-trance that I could listen to all day.

Hat tip to Geoff Carter, who posted a more recent (and non-Disney) pogo on FB today.

Edgy Songs About Disneyland

7 Nov

Looking for some edgier tunes about Disneyland? Your Souvenir Guide has a great piece this week, listing tracks by artists ranging from The Dickies to Frankie Goes to Hollywood. His favorite among the bunch?

Artist: Sparks
Song: “Mickey Mouse”
What iTunes should charge: 99 cents

Life’s most satisfying truths are often its most bizarre and unlikely. Take this one: One of the best songs ever written about Disneyland came from two guys, Ron and Russell Mael, who I am fairly certain have never been there. It was on an album called “Angst in My Pants,” the cover of which features one of the Maels — Ron, the one with the Hitler-like mustache — in a bridal gown.

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