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WDW Today on Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse at Walt Disney World

10 Mar

WDW Today took Disney World planning tips to a whole new level with Episode 837 – Mmmm… brainsss! in which they discuss best strategies for defending the parks against zombie hordes.

I would like to please request follow-up episodes on surviving an onslaught of sparkly vampires, or city-crushing monsters. Kthxbai.

WDW Today Theme Song Video

6 Aug

Oh my word, if you’re a WDW Today listener and need some giggles, here’s the ticket, from The World for One:

Words and music by Jarrid Crespo, drawings and pictures by Jake Thompson.

Latest Episode of Those Darn Cats

17 Jun

Yes, Lisa and I keep on podcasting…whether anybody wants us to or not! Cuz hey, we’re having a blast and that’s the real point of this thing, y’know? I’m not exactly planning to become independently wealthy by blabbering on about Disney to unsuspecting random strangers. (Though I did have quite the pleasant conversation this afternoon with a colleague who said he’d heard I was going to Disney soon, and mentioned he was going next month…and got way more info than he’d probably bargained for!)

Anyway…our episode this week is about my Pal Mickey’s fashion requirements, and some ideas for fun (and sometimes maybe just a tad subversive) t-shirts. And oh yeah, I think there might be a little tangent about Olivia Newton John at some point. Ya never know.

There have also been a couple other episodes since the last time I posted about the podcast on Broke Hoedown, and we’re planning to keep morphing this thing into a slightly more structured show. You can keep up with us by subscribing either through RSS or iTunes.

The Continuing Adventures of Those Darn Cats

19 May

My BFF Lisa and I have been busy lately! We’ve been releasing a few “lost” Those Darn Cats episodes (previously recorded for but not released on MouseGuest Weekly), and we had a super lot of fun talking about Star Wars with Bryan and Jonathan on the All About the Mouse podcast last week. And how cool is this: Apparently there is some sort of special magic about being a guest on AATM. Lisa complained on the show that she couldn’t go to Star Wars Weekends . . . and the very day after the show was aired, she found out she could! So yeah, you’re gonna have some TDC trip reports, I’m sure.

Tonight we released a slightly different kinda thing . . . a fresh new recording where we debate the acceptable limits of “public displays of affection” at Disney Parks, and argue where the line should be drawn. Everybody has their limits of course, and she and I disagree pretty strongly.

I’ll resist the urge to post about every single episode here, since I know many of y’all subscribe to our podcast RSS feed already, but I’ll continue to post here from time to time as things develop. We’re releasing segments pretty sporadically right now, but plan to get a bit more formalized over the summer (well, to the extent that either one of us is ever predictable!). And hey, if any of you podcasters out there want to give us a plug . . . Jonathan Dichter recorded an awesome promo for us! You can download it here . . . please let people know they can now find us at Thanks Jonathan!

Those Darn Cats Strike Again!

30 Apr

It’s come to my attention that there are a couple people out there who miss hearing Those Darn Cats on the MouseGuest Weekly podcast. I suppose there’s no accounting for taste, right?

So . . . Lisa and I happened to have a few unreleased TDC episodes sitting around on the shelf, and we’re planning to release them over the coming weeks. Lisa just posted the first one today, on the topic of where Disney should put its 12th theme park (not where they will, mind you . . . just where we think they should). You can download the MP3 directly, or use our RSS feed to subscribe, so you’ll automatically get the other episodes when they’re released.

We’re also still in the planning stages of something larger, so if there’s anything in particular you’d like to hear from a Those Darn Cats podcast, please leave a comment here or drop me a note. Whatever we eventually put together, rest assured that it will be random, silly, irreverent, fashion-forward, and occasionally veer unpredictably into PG-13 territory.

ID3 Tags: An Open Letter to Podcasters

9 Jan

If you’re not a podcaster, you have my total blessing to skip over this post, ‘cuz otherwise you’re gonna be way bored. But if you’re a podcaster in any genre, please read on, I’m talking to you! 🙂

I’ve been using an iPod Mini for a few years now, but recently made the transition to a Blackberry Pearl. Sure, it doesn’t have as snazzy an interface, but with a 6GB microSD card it actually has more storage capacity than my vintage Mini, plus now my media player and phone are converged into one device, which makes my life way easier (especially for travel . . . one less device and charger to care about!).

But see, here’s the thing. I’d gotten really spoiled by iTunes, which “knew” the difference between podcasts and plain old everyday MP3 files. (You’re a podcaster, so you know that technically they’re the same type of file, just typically being downloaded through a different delivery mechanism.) I guess iTunes knew this because the podcatcher was fully integrated, but now that I live in the world of plain-old-media-players I’ve got a separate podcatcher, and my Blackberry’s media player simply looks at the files using ID3 tags, sorting them accordingly. And since I listen to a truckload of podcasts in various genres, I’ve now developed a tiny little bit of opinion about ID3 tag usage. I can easily browse through my music library based on the ID3 tags for Genre, Artist, or Album. It’s not easy (and maybe not possible) for the media player to let me just browse through the file system, at least not on this particular version of Crlackberry software.

Now, what on earth does this mean? Well, the most important thing is that if you don’t use any ID3 tags at all, the only way I can find this week’s episode of your podcast is if I happen to know the file name (and of course, I usually don’t). If you’ve filled in Genre, Artist, or Album, I can find you way more easily. And if you use these tags consistently from week to week, I not only can find you this week, but can easily find you from week to week, since I know where to look. It would be really especially super awesome if there was some consistency among various podcasters (like, say, if they all used the Genre “podcast”), but I realize that would be asking for entirely too much.

I know a ton of podcast listeners use iTunes, so for them this isn’t much of an issue, but I also know that plenty of music players use ID3 tags, so there’s probably a good handful of us sorting through the files that way. So please, if you could take a few minutes to fill out those ID3 tags, it would make things a little easier on some of your listeners.


Opening Night of Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds’ End

25 May

Do I deserve a rap on the knuckles with a wooden ruler? Or the Parent of the Year Award? I dunno which, but I can tell you it was worth it to keep my ten-year-old son up waaaaay past his bedtime for last night’s 8:00 p.m. showing of Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds’ End.

AWE first show in BostonHad we not seen the first show, we might not have seen so many pirates decked out in their finest regalia! Curse my poor camera phone . . . lots of pirates kindly let me take their pictures, but only one picture came out even vaguely viewable. Thank you, anonymous young pirates! We certainly couldn’t have hoped for a better audience to watch the film with.

[MAJOR spoilers from this point on, proceed at your own risk.] I’d been keeping my expectations low, as I was disappointed in Dead Man’s Chest. And I was pleasantly surprised. The movie doesn’t quite rise to the level of Curse of the Black Pearl, but it takes full advantage of the depth of key characters, and take them to the next level. In many ways this is Keira Knightley’s movie, as she not only ascends to Pirate King, but also marries her longtime sweetheart in the funniest, most romantic sequence in the film. And of course Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow is always brilliant. But this time Orlando Bloom finally becomes the gritty, ruthless pirate Elizabeth has longed for, and Geoffrey Rush plays a surprisingly key role as the pivot for many of the complicated relationships in the film. Sadly, Chow Yun Fat dies far too soon. But Keith Richards’ brief cameo is spot-on, and exactly the right dose.

There’s a very nice little nod to the POTC ride, just as you’re entering Worlds’ End. I’m sure there were plenty more ride references in there, but not as readily apparent as those in the earlier films. Anybody spot any Hidden Mickeys?

I was surprised and delighted by the open (some might say heavy-handed) political commentary in the film. The chilling opening sequence reads like a membership solicitation from the American Civil Liberties Union. And when the pirates begin to sing their song of unity and protest, I could almost imagine them breaking into The Internationale. Really quite heartwarming for a leftie like myself.

And of course, the movie resolves the major themes of the POTC trilogy, while setting the stage quite effectively for POTC 4 (Jim Hill mentioned on this week’s Magical Definition Podcast that this is slated for release in 2010 or 2011, pending Johnny Depp’s availability, and if you’re a POTC fan you really wanna listen to that podcast for Hill’s indepth comments on POTC).

But I’ll confess, I’m not too eager yet for the next POTC. The franchise has declined a bit in coherence of narrative structure, and I’d like to see the producers have a little breathing room before conceptualizing Jack’s next adventure. And even with the excellent special effects in POTC: AWE, who knows what technical advances might mean for the next time around? Let’s give these characters a rest, and come back to them fresh a good while down the road.

MouseGuest Weekly: Those Darn Cats

30 Apr

MouseGuestMy BFF Lisa and I have been recording a segment for the Mouse Guest Weekly podcast, called Those Darn Cats. We’ve been on every episode for the past several weeks (ever since #87), rambling about whatever Disney stuff comes to mind. We like to laugh a lot, and I guess listening to us is kind of like eavesdropping on a couple old friends dishing. Very stream-of-consciousness, and every now and then it’s a little, well, catty.

If you like the segments and have topics in mind for us, drop me a note. Anything Disney-related and family-friendly is fair game.

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