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Living Character Initiative: Remy at Disneyland Paris

9 Jul

This little gem comes from the DLRP Today blog:

Now, I want a Remy character dining experience! But I don’t want him rotating around from table to table, like at Chef Mickey’s…I want him popping out randomly from under your food. A little extra magic on your plate, n’est-ce pas?

Brad Bird on NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

20 Jan

Mr Broke Hoedown brought this to my attention, on the NPR “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” web site:

Brad Bird, director of Ratatouille and The Incredibles plays a game called, “And I Love You … Dennis J. Kucinich” Three questions about the love affair between Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich, taken from a Washington Post article about their courtship and marriage.

You can download or listen to the show on that same page.

Disney Hires World-Famous Cheese Carver

21 Oct

Mr Broke Hoedown argued that the headline should read, “Disney Cuts the Cheese for Ratatouille” . . . but I just couldn’t do it. Even yours truly has some limits.

From the Appleton Post-Crescent:

Cheese carver Troy Landwehr planned to finish this week his cheddar rendition of Remy, the French rat and chef-in-training of Disney and Pixar’s summer animated feature “Ratatouille.” The carving will be delivered and displayed as part of Disney’s “Ratatouille” DVD release party in Hollywood.

(Hat tip: Upcoming Pixar.)

The other amazing thing here? When I texted the link to Mr Broke Hoedown, he said, “Oh, Troy Landwehr? I’ve written about that guy before.” Further proof that Mr Broke Hoedown and I are made for each other.

Ratatouille Lithographs with DVD Pre-Order

13 Oct


Upcoming Pixar reports that four attractive lithographs are now available with Ratatouille pre-orders at the Disney Store.

One Step Closer to a Ratatouille Character Meal?

25 Sep

Disneyland Paris now has a Ratatouille-themed buffet restaurant, described in a September 16 post at the DLRP Today blog:

The changes took place literally overnight, with all the previous cafeteria menus being covered with Ratatouille-themed advertisements for the new buffet and various views from inside the kitchen of Gusteau’s, the restaurant featured in the film.

For the launch of the new buffet, Cast Members were given costumes a little similar to those seen at the Disneyland California pre-parade and the Ratatouille Big Cheese Tour, both promotional events in the US. It’s unknown whether this new buffet is part of a deal with Buena Vista International, Disney’s film distrubution arm, similar to the Cars and Ratatouille billboards and posters covering Disney Studio 1.

Hmm, Mr. Broke Hoedown is a huge Ratatouille fan . . . could this be enough to tempt him into another trip to the Disneyland area of France?

Could Remy Be Any More Adorable?

11 Jul

Cute alert! Cute alert! Check out this adorable little felted Remy, courtesy of the Upcoming Pixar blog. (Hat tip to The Disney Blog.)

Ratatouille Easter Eggs

6 Jul

Need an excuse to go see Ratatouille again? The Disney Blog has a list of 15 reasons, many of them Easter Eggs.

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