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Radical Re-Imagineering: Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

12 Mar

Sometimes I can’t resist meddling with a good thing. Hence, the discussions of re-imagineering Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster featured both on this week’s Those Darn Cats and Jentasmic! From my column today at Studios Central:

Steven Tyler’s out of rehab, and rejoined Aerosmith. They’ve even got a European tour scheduled, “Cocked, Locked, and Ready to Rock.” So, one can imagine that the rumors that Disney’s going to replace Aerosmith with a new band for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster should be dead, dead, dead.

But isn’t it fun to imagine what one could do with a Re-imagineered Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster? Aerosmith gets enough play on the oldies stations these days that one can imagine a future where Love in an Elevator feels almost as nostalgic and old timey as the Dapper Dans serenading the crowds on Main Street.

My sentimental favorite is still the Ramones: You’re in a super-stretch taxi headed to CBGB’s, and the object of the game is getting to the club before your buddy throws up in your lap. Or maybe that’s just a tad too much like my early twenties.

Ratatouille Reviews Start Squeaking In

17 Jun

Hungry for reviews by people who’ve seen the Ratatouille sneak previews? Ain’t It Cool News has got you covered.

This is a slightly different kind of film for Pixar. In fact, it’s unlike any American animated film we’ve seen in quite a few years. With its relatively relaxed tone (for a cartoon) and lack of wacky, wise-crackin’ sidekicks, this one is miles away from the hellzapoppin’ hijinks of the SHREK films and their various rip-offs. This is not to say it’s not funny. There’s a set piece involving a character being used as a sleepwalking marionette that will remind some of the classic Goofy films, and there’s a moment where one character’s *very* last-second decision not to pepper-spray another got the biggest laugh I’ve heard in ages.

Director Brad Bird’s visual inspiration seems to be vintage Disney fare like LADY AND THE TRAMP. They’ve set a new standard for using computer animation to achieve a marvelously warm, hand-made quality, and I thought more than once during the film that I wish they gave Cinematography Oscars to cartoons. It gives us a Paris that’s modern, yet dreamlike.

More Hi-Res Images from Walt Disney World, Plus a Special Thanks

10 Oct

I’ve noticed that my blog posts with images for desktop wallpaper get a decent amount of traffic, so on my trip to WDW last weekend (yay!) I took a few more pictures that might just make good desktop wallpapers. The first one in the list below currently graces my own Thinkpad.

Rock’n’ Roller Coaster:

Magic Kingdom WDW Railroad:

And the Railroad again, for those who prefer the image off to the right:

Bear in the Big Blue House, in the Disney/MGM Studios Stars and Motor Cars parade:

Mickey, Minnie, and Donald, in that same parade:

I also wanted to say a special thanks to a few Cast Members who made our trip last weekend extra-special, as my son and I were visiting with my super-duper old-time best friend Lisa, celebrating her fortieth birthday. CM Chris, riding a Segway near Mission Space on Friday evening, spent some extra time with us and gave us a little VIP treatment. CM Jack laughed with us as we took silly pictures at the Crystal Palace on Saturday. A monorail driver, whose name I have sadly forgotten, gave us inside tips about the Electrical Water Pageant, and made my son very happy with a Monorail Co-Pilot’s license and a trading card. All of these were special, magical moments . . . and each one of them even more special to us than the official Year of a Million Dreams moments we were fortunate enough to have that weekend as well! (More on that later . . . I’m still collecting my thoughts after such a great weekend, and will blog more on it anon!)

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