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Disney and Star Wars Cosplay at ConnectiCon 2009

4 Aug

Most of the cosplay at ConnectiCon is either anime or gaming characters, but since it’s a multi-genre conference, all sorts of characters show up! Here are a few Disney costumes I spotted last weekend at the Hartford Convention Center (and captured with my sub-optimal camera phone, unfortunately).

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland, with the Cheshire Cat

Tinker Bell and Peter Pan

Tink and Peter, woot!

The 501st Legion Connecticut Garrison

The 501st Legion Connecticut Garrison! I was lucky enough to interview a representative; watch for this on the Those Darn Cats podcast in coming weeks.

Carl Fredricksen from Up

Carl Fredricksen, from Pixar's Up. After I took his picture, he gave me a balloon. ❤

Kirk vs. Vader

The ultimate nerd showdown!!!


Prince Ali, fabulous he


Kiki, from Kiki's Delivery Service (an ever-popular costume for sure)


Maleficent, evil incarnate, seems strangely out of place against the backdrop of Convention Center striped carpet

Star Wars Day at Pawtucket Red Sox

4 May

No, I’m not just sitting around being bitter about the fact that I won’t be at Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Star Wars Weekends this year….I got myself off the couch this weekend and trucked down to Pawtucket, Rhode Island, for a fabulous appearance by the 501st Legion at the PawSox’ first annual Star Wars Day, woot!


Shadow Trooper

Shadow Trooper Autograph

Tuskan Raider

Jawa Fight

Jawa Autograph

Check out the photos at too! And hey, did you know that today is Star Wars Day? May the Fourth be with you!

Star Wars Roundup

28 Apr

From PC World: Homosexuality “Does Not Exist in Star Wars”:

After a user expressed concern that Bioware had “disallowed” the use of the terms “gay” and “lesbian” on the boards in a thread titled “GLBT discrimination in forums?” a Bioware forum moderator dropped in and posted this:

As I have stated before, these are terms that do not exist in Star Wars.

Thread closed.

Kotaku picked that up last night, replying

OK, but…they do, uh, realise that the people actually playing the game do not exist in Star Wars either, right? They’re real people?

…followed by a torrent of comments ranging from the power legitimacy of forum moderators, to the sexual orientation of Chewbacca and C3PO.

What was it Luke said approaching the Death Star… “I have a very bad feeling about this?”

Um, excuse me? Are you really so sure that quote should be attributed to Luke?

From (and via) BoingBoing: Star Wars cupcakes, pool toys and kites, a cheap R2D2 laptop for kids, and the most awesomest homemade Star Wars costumes since I went out on Halloween 1978 as a giant paper mache R2D2.

From Photoshop Disasters: Tatooine’s Best Restaurant, with an extra-romantic double sunset.

From StudiosCentral: Logo unveiled for Star Wars Weekends 2009, and yeah I’m not that bitter that I can’t go this year since the weekends are all during the school year, really I’m not, except that I wish I could be at Matt’s fab shindig during weekend one. But if you’re lucky enough to be going, and especially if you’ve never gone before, please allow me to recommend episode 553 of WDW Today.

Oh, and finally, we have to go back to BoingBoing, for Star Wars considered as an episode of Dallas. Man.

My Favorite Stormtrooper

4 Aug
Look, matching ears!

Look, matching ears!

I met this awesome kitty-eared Stormtrooper at ConnectiCon, where members of both Alderaan Base and the 501st New England Garrison were out in force, with plenty of Star Wars costuming goodness from both sides of the Force.

The dashing fellow even had a long, orange tail to match.

I also briefly spotted this fabulous Catbus costume, which should look familiar to any Miyazaki fans (my apologies that the picture’s not better, but I just couldn’t resist sharing it anyway):

There appeared to be just one person in the Catbus costume, which must have made for rather back-breaking locomotion!

Lazy Girl’s Round-up, From the Road

3 Jun

Good lord, I am lazy!

Well, that’s not entirely true. The truth is more like this: I spent the weekend on a little getaway with my husband and our newly adopted seven-year-old pug, and after one night at home to re-pack my suitcase I’m now off on business travel in Austin, Texas. I promise you I am trying to do my part to keep Austin weird.

Having discovered the 531 unread items in my blogreader, I thought I’d give you all a random sampling of what catches my eye as I work my way through it. Kinda random, but isn’t that just what you love about me anyway?

Oh man, I still have 287 unread items . . . but I’m toast. Good night everybody!

Easter Bunny Storm Trooper

24 Mar

Yeah yeah yeah, it’s a little late . . . but this rules! This photo is from JediCon, last week’s Star Wars convention over in Dusseldorf, Germany, and comes to you courtesy of tikistitch’s Flickr pages. Those selfsame pages also include a set of photos from Celebration IV, including some fabulously trippy redecorated Darth Vader masks. This one is my favorite, because I heart anime.

Hat tip: BoingBoing.

Star Wars Fun from Dark Roasted Blend

13 Dec

I never, ever, ever get tired of this stuff. And on a snow day like today, I’m very happy that Dark Roasted Blend has two full pages to enjoy!


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