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Star Wars Fun Roundup

25 Mar

Hat tip: BoingBoing

Star Wars Money. Hat tip: BoingBoing

AT AT Dali tattoo, hat tip BoingBoing.

AT AT Dali tattoo. Hat tip BoingBoing.

Eddie Izzard on Star Wars, courtesy of Elding83

Hidden Mickey Ears in Hello Kitty Tattoo?

9 Dec

Is it just me, or is Hello Kitty wearing pink Mickey ears?

(As seen on the Hello Kitty Hell blog, a daily must-read if you can’t decide whether you love or hate cute things.)

Need a New Tattoo for Star Wars Weekends?

20 Apr

Here’s some wonderful inspiration: A Hello Kitty storm trooper tattoo, posted here courtesy of the Hello Kitty Hell blog.

I do indeed feel a great disturbance in the Force.

And hey, while we’re talking about Hello Kitty . . . if you’re in the Boston area, you might want to think about dropping into Anime Boston this weekend. It’s just like an awesome anime convention, but with the extra Mouse-tastic geeky goodness of stopping by to meet Dan Hess from, who’ll be there staffing the WirePop table in Artists’ Alley. Word is that he might be wearing his MouseGuest shirt on Saturday, all the better to recognize him.

If you see somebody’s mom running around wearing a Totoro backpack and purple kitty ears, that just might be me. Come say hello.

1,643 Disney Tattoos, Six Honeymoons

22 Mar

The Independant Collegian just reprinted a story I’d missed in the Orange County Register: Disney Man Colors His Skin.

If you want to challenge him, you’ll have to beat this: 1,643 tattoos of Disney characters from the base of his neck to the tops of his toes; a 4,200-square-foot house in Bethlehem, Pa., with 19,000 Disney collector pieces, and six honeymoons at Walt Disney World in Florida.

And when he finally leaves it all behind, his will calls for his ashes to be spread in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Nothing is more important than Disney, says Reiger, who was in Anaheim, Calif., last week for the National Fantasy Fan Club convention, a gathering of Disney collectors.

Strangely, the article doesn’t specify whether that’s POTC at DL or WDW . . . but something tells me he knows the difference and has made as much clear in his will!

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