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Lazy Girl’s Round-up, From the Road

3 Jun

Good lord, I am lazy!

Well, that’s not entirely true. The truth is more like this: I spent the weekend on a little getaway with my husband and our newly adopted seven-year-old pug, and after one night at home to re-pack my suitcase I’m now off on business travel in Austin, Texas. I promise you I am trying to do my part to keep Austin weird.

Having discovered the 531 unread items in my blogreader, I thought I’d give you all a random sampling of what catches my eye as I work my way through it. Kinda random, but isn’t that just what you love about me anyway?

Oh man, I still have 287 unread items . . . but I’m toast. Good night everybody!

International Wall-E Trailer

9 Feb

This trailer’s a little more spoilerish than the others, so be warned!

Love Pixar, love robots. Hellloooo???

Hat tip: Blue Sky Disney.

WALL-E Cardboard Lobby Model

24 Dec

Hey, look who I ran into on my way to the movies yesterday! He’s at the Fenway 13 in Boston.

WALL-E Builders Group

19 Dec


WALL-E Builders Group logo


Yet again, the interweb has proven itself to be a glorious and heterogenous place. I just got email this morning from a guy named Jawa Lunk, who belongs to the Wall-E Builders Group (you have to join the group for access to the pages). These folks are working to build a fully functioning Wall-E at 1:1 scale. Based on their group pages they seem to have gotten started in October, and are in the early stages of developing schematics and parts.

Dude! I so totally want to see this project work.

New Wall-E Teaser on MySpace TV

18 Dec

Gotta watch it.

Hat tip: Blue Sky Disney, bien sur.

Is your calendar marked for 6/27/08? I know mine is.

[plus, Upcoming Pixar found a link to this in Hi-Res!]

French Trailer for WALL-E, Official Synopsis

1 Oct

The French site has a great new trailer for WALL-E. So so cute! Perhaps the English-language trailer set to debut October 2 might be essentially the same? (Hat tip: Blue Sky Disney.)

The Upcoming Pixar blog has posted an official WALL-E synopsis . . . but I’m trying to stay reasonably spoiler-free, so I haven’t read it (la la la la I can’t hear you!!!).

WALL-E Teaser Poster and Sneak Peek Trailer

27 Sep

WALL-E Teaser Poster

From Upcoming Pixar, another blog that should absolutely be in your reader. (Not that I’m opinionated or anything, you know I’m not like that.)

They’ve also got info about the new WALL-E sneak peek trailer, due October 2.

Wall-E Postcards from Comic-Con

30 Jul

Lounge in Luxury!

Kung-Fu Rodeo has posted scans of great Wall-E promotional postcards, which were distributed by Pixar at San Diego Comic-Con. Another visit to the future that we dreamed about yesterday! (Hat tip to Upcoming Pixar. . . if it’s not in your blogreader, it should be.)

Religious Skywriting over Walt Disney World

22 Jul

Every now and then someone will post to my favorite Disney message board, asking, “What’s up with the religious skywriting over Disney World?”

“Turn To Jesus – Home of Holy Smoke” explains it all for you.

God loves you so much that He is writing love letters to you in the sky. His love for you is so big that it could not be put on a piece of paper or on a TV screen. God doesn’t want you to miss his message, so He is writing it just for you on the sky that He created. His message is this: He Loves You! He wants to do great things for you, both in this life and in the next.

One page includes a piece of text I find particularly interesting: Click here to accept God’s Love. Such the interesting moment here in our digital age.

I’ll also mention, just for the benefit of those few unfortunate souls who read this blog regularly, that I’m heading out on vacation for about a week. See ya real soon!

On Vacation! Please Stand By

Coming Summer 2008 from Pixar: Wall-E

17 Jun

A higher-definition version is available from

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