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Choices, According to Yoda

28 Jul

How did I ever get through the day without GraphJam?

Flowchart to the Dark Side

9 Jul

Fear leads to anger, and so on.

From GraphJam. How did I ever get by without that site?

Oh, and here’s another one:

Tourists Eaten

Number of tourists eaten on various attractions

Your Salvation, They Are

25 Jan

Okay, I’m totally stealing that headline from my buddy Eric over at MouseGuest, but I just couldn’t resist. I’m sitting in the San Francisco Airport waiting for a delayed flight, and I get this email from him pointing me to an NPR story, “A Gospel According to Yoda.” Curse this airport WiFi, it’s strong enough to let me post this article but too flakey to let me listen to streaming NPR. . . but I do find a link from NPR to the UK Church of the Jedi, which seems to have grown considerably since I first heard of them some years back. From their home page:

The Uk Church Of The Jedi started in 2003 when Master Morda Hehol (Head of Church) and his apprentice Jo-Jak Hawil dedicated there life style to that of the Jedi way. After years of training Morda trained his brother JonBa Hehol up to be a jedi master and the two started a ministries in 2007. Using some teachings that are available from other UK jedi churches and writing there own the church grew and decided to make an online chapter Uk Church of The Jedi. Now the church organization controls most jedi churches in the UK, and gains members world wide.

Now, lest ye judge, let’s also remember that there’s an emerging academic course of study on “Disneyism” as a religion. So dude, before you pick up that rock, better make sure your walls aren’t made of glass.

Yoda Postage Stamp Now Available

26 Oct

When on a postage stamp are you, look this good you will not.

Mr Broke Hoedown has more on the story.

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