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Miley Cyrus Getting the Boot from Disney?

22 Sep

I’m sure there are a million web sites where you can follow the rumors about Miley Cyrus possibly getting fired by Disney. And I’m absolutely the wrong person to speculate on the potential veracity of said rumors! I can barely spell her name without checking the Google. But I can tell you that if you have a tad of the bitchy queen in you, you should read the commentary in The Superficial, which my friend Geoff Carter pointed to in his RSS shared items.

Oh and hey, while I’m thinking of Geoff, that reminds me that this week’s Those Darn Cats will feature Geoff’s reminiscences of the Adventurers’ Club, scheduled to close on September 28 (oh yeah, gotta finish up that show, now don’t I?). We also interviewed Geoff a couple months back, talking about Disney’s California Adventure (MP3).

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