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World’s Oldest Hidden Mickey

17 Jun

Mr Broke Hoedown may not be a Disney fan, but he knows a Hidden Mickey when he sees it. A thousand-year old Mickey Mouse was recently discovered in Sweden. One can only hope that no copyright wackiness will ensue.

Vintage Mickey fans may notice that while the mouth doesn’t look much like our beloved mouse, the shape and size of the eyes is certainly reminiscent of Plane Crazy.

Year of a Million Dreams: Who’s Eligible?

26 Jan

Anybody who reads this blog regularly knows that I have taken a long, deep drink of the Year of a Million Dreams Kool-Aid. But I do still wonder sometimes about whether all the prizes are awarded in a truly random fashion.

John Frost once again raises the question of whether the Americans with Disabilities Act is being violated when Dreams are awarded on rides that are inaccessible to those with disabilities. I’m not sure about that . . . if the attraction on which to award the Dream is chosen at random, that may well take care of the issue. After all, if Dreams were only awarded on non-thrill rides, then statistically Disney might be favoring those who either can’t or don’t choose to ride them. I’d have to do the math to really be confident here, and I’m hoping that Price Waterhouse Coopers has taken care of that. Hoping, hoping.

But I get a deeper, nagging little feeling in my gut sometimes. John Frost ponders, “I want to know how Disney always seems to “randomly” choose those suburban caucasian nuclear families to enjoy the free giveaways.” And here’s where I’m really with John. When will we start seeing the families of color, the single-parent families, the two Dads, the kids and parents with visible disabilities? Disney Guests are a microcosm of America, a little melting pot, definitely a bit skewed by financial considerations (not everybody can afford a Disney vacation), but with plenty of diversity that we’re not seeing reflected in the big photo-op winners, at least not yet.

The Castle Dream is a major case in point. Yesterday, as has been heavily reported, the Fouch family was the first family to randomly win a night in Cinderella Castle. And actually, the marketing got me a bit confused . . . wasn’t the first family to stay in the Castle going to be chosen not at random, but through the Good Morning America essay competition? I’m not real clear on the timeline, but yes Good Morning America awarded the very first Castle Stay to the wonderful, deserving Davis family, with once again those same demographics.

I’m glad for the Fouch family that they got such an awesome surprise, and I’m especially glad for the Davis family that they were given such a beautiful reunion. I just wish I could shake that nagging feeling in my gut, though. I never got the impression that a heavily-tattooed, obviously quirky and queer family like mine would be Good Morning America’s pick for a widely-publicized night in Cinderella Castle. Especially since my husband probably wouldn’t go with us (not a Disney fan), leaving us looking to all the world like a family headed by a single queer mom. (Hooray to us for being who we are!)

Mom, Kid, and Castle

I still find the Kool-Aid very sweet. I’ve enjoyed a Dream FastPass (awarded while existing Space Mountain, sorry John!), a pair of pins with one to give away (awarded by a Cast Member on janitorial duty, when I was with my son), and the American Wishing Tale (awarded in line at the Liberty Inn, again when I was with my son). My friend Lisa’s afraid that I’m hogging so many Dreams that there won’t be any left for the rest, but I’ve also enjoyed watching plenty of other Guests receiving Dreams as well.

I do hope that as more of the big photo-op Dreams continue, we start to see the diversity of Disney Guests better reflected in these contest winners, so I can put that nagging little feeling in my gut to rest, and be sure that “random” really means random.

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