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Good News for Paul Anka Fans

29 Jan

Huh? What? Well . . . I read today on 2719 Hyperion that Walt Disney Records Archive is releasing a bunch of new stuff on iTunes, including Annette Sings Anka. Answers.com has a track listing, in case you’re curious.

I had no idea that I needed this album, but now I feel I do. Or perhaps my medication’s just kicked in a bit too hard, I’m not sure. But Walt Disney Records Archives Collections (Volumes 1 and 2) are among my current favorite albums, right up there with Road to Ruin (The Ramones), The Miseducation of Lauren Hill (Lauren Hill, of course), Feminist Sweepstakes (Le Tigre), and The Game (Queen). Perhaps soon Annette and Anka will earn a similar place in my heart.

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