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The Kitchen Sink Sundae at Beaches and Cream

29 Jul

Yes dear readers, I’m back from yet another trip to the greater Orlando area. This was truly a family vacation, so as Mr Broke Hoedown’s not a theme parks fan we didn’t live in the Disney bubble. But you know I couldn’t resist giving my Annual Pass yet another workout, so in the coming days I’ll have various reports from this trip.

On Friday night, we hit Beaches and Cream at Disney’s Beach Club Resort for dinner, in celebration of my son’s birthday. And what better excuse to try the famous Kitchen Sink Sundae? The menu tells us that this sundae serves four, but I must say I can’t imagine making a serious dent in it without at least a party of six. My son and I were barely able to skim the surface.

The irony is, my son’s a light eater. And so am I. And his dad doesn’t like ice cream. But as far as I’m concerned, it’s not about the food – it’s all about the pageant. Watching the sundae being made for us, being the center of attention as the sundae was brought out, smiling at the people who stopped by to gawk . . . all of these more than justified the $22 price tag.

When we dug into the sundae, we couldn’t even find the ice cream right away, as it was buried under layers of whipped cream, brownies, and angel food cake. But really now, isn’t this the kind of problem I’d like to have? Sure beats standing out in the heat waiting for a Disney bus at the Boardwalk.

As predicted, after we were done there was still enough sundae left for a family of four. It felt incredibly wasteful, and peculiarly American. Mr Broke Hoedown had suggested offering some of this bounty to others, but I couldn’t figure out the logistics (we surely would have had to divvy things up before diving in, and my sun-soaked brain just wasn’t up to the etiquette challenge). It seemed a shame to leave so much perfectly good ice cream to melt and waste. But I found it equally disturbing to hear from a Cast Member that plenty of people manage to finish the sundae all by themselves. The current record holder polished off the whole thing in 9 minutes.

I’ll be back to Beaches and Cream. It’s not just the ice cream . . . I also had a lovely Caesar salad, and the theming is quite sweet. An after-dinner walk through the Stormalong Bay pool area certainly made me long to stay at the Beach Club, just a tad outside my budget. But will I order a Kitchen Sink again? Only if I’ve got at least four people to help me polish it off.

Ask a Ninja Pirates Of the Caribbean 3 Review

19 Jun

Ask a Ninja doesn’t seem to have enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Go fig.

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