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Disney Talks with Sydney . . . Could It Be Cruise Lines?

26 Feb

Chances are you’ve already seen the articles about Disney talking with the Australian government. From Livenews.com:

The Walt Disney Company has held talks with the State Government over plans to redevelop a harbour foreshore site in Sydney.

The Walt Disney Company recently spoke with state government body about the possible re-development of White Bay, on the western side of the Anzac Bridge.

The facility currently operates as a working port with thousands of cars off loaded onto the site every week.

Hmm, a working port . . . could there be a tie-in to Disney Cruise Lines?

A more detailed version of the story is available at the Sydney Morning Herald.

Donald Duck on Sexually Transmitted Diseases

10 May

Donald Duck Wants You to Use a Condom

Sure, it’s a bit disconcerting that Donald’s sleeping with a prostitute. But I’m more unsettled by the fact that she’s photorealistic and human.

This Australian poster from World War II is currently on auction at Hale’s (stories about it on the Disney History, Cartoon Brew, and BoingBoing blogs). From Hale’s:

This rare poster is the only one we know of and we believe of Australian issue. Text at top reads “And Me With Out A Pro.! Be Sly VD Is High.” Great art depicts Donald Duck in an Australian soldier’s uniform while behind him is an attractive woman in a tight slinky dress lying in wait behind a large plant. Donald has an exasperated look on his face as he is without a prophylactic. At the lower right is insignia “4MCD,” we believe to be for the Fourth Medical Corps Division. Art is signed “Cyril Jones.”

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