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Mash-up Trailer: Disney and the Order of the Phoenix

4 Jul

Perfect timing for this, given how thoroughly the interweb is abuzz with speculation about how Walt Disney World will counter Universal’s upcoming Harry Potter “themed environment.

Could the Next Disney Park be in Bahrain?

6 Feb

Reuters reports that talks are underway for an $8 billion park, but it’s not clear whether the US Disney corporation is involved. From Saudi prince in talks on Bahrain Disneyland:

Alwaleed, the world’s eighth richest man, is talking to investors including Kuwait Finance House, the Gulf’s second largest Islamic bank by market value, and Bahraini institutions, the paper said.

Alwaleed indirectly owns 10 percent of Disneyland Paris operator Euro Disney, and his Rotana Audio Visual Co., signed a deal in November to distribute Walt Disney products across the Middle East and North Africa.

[Update: Denied!]

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