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Disney Hipster Meme

24 Feb

Who knew there was a whole meme going on out on the interwebs about Disney hipsters? And no, I don’t mean trendy themepunks . . . I mean photoshopping and captioning Disney characters into hipster status.

I’m lucky enough to have a teenage son to clue me into these things, and he sent me these as a bit of a sampler (click on the images for larger versions):

And hey, if you’re inspired, here’s a palette of Disney hipsters, all ready for you to caption.

Disney Hipster Pallete

Rumor has it there’s a little place called MemeBase where people churn this stuff out every day. In fact, right now there’s a pretty nasty caption on a Buzz Lightyear drinking cup posted there. But you didn’t hear it from me.

Disney Princess Sippy Cup Design Fail?

1 Feb

Disney Princess sippy cup with surprisingly phallic straw

I do not even know how to caption this. I found it difficult enough to just write the alt text for the image.

I would like to think that this isn’t a design fail, that in fact there’s some renegade gender outlaw designer out there in Disney consumer products, perhaps the same person we can thank for Ryan in a kilt. And maybe their buddy in Parks has a similar aesthetic, and is responsible for the PVC-and-pigtails cheerleader in the HSM3 pep rally over at the Studios I mentioned in a trip report some time back. But probably not.

Thank goodness for BoingBoing. I’m not sure where else I would have seen this.

And hey, I just recently enabled Google AdSense on this blog, which is supposed to come up with related topics for the ads. What on earth are they gonna connect to this? When I previewed before posting, it was Richard Simmons Sweatin’ to the Oldies. Wow.

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