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Biometrics Now for HK Disneyland AP Holders

24 Nov

ZDNet Asia has a piece today about Hong Kong Disneyland implementing biometrics for Annual Passholders:

First deployed at Disneyland World in Florida, U.S., Ticket Tag is currently available to Hong Kong Disneyland’s Annual Pass holders at two ticketing turnstiles at the park’s entrance, Shek said. But, he added, the technology will eventually be implemented in every turnstile.

With Ticket Tag, Annual Pass holders no longer need to produce a photo ID card to authenticate their identity, he said, adding that this enhances the experience of the park’s visitors. He noted that customers, who still have concerns about using their fingerprints, can choose to continue using a photo ID card as a form of identification.

I cringe every time I put my fingers into the scanners. But I just keep doing it, don’t I? My, this pond is nice and warm and bubbly.

It’s a Great Big Brotherly Tomorrow

1 Sep

Interesting article from newsinitiative.org on Walt Disney World: The Government’s Tomorrowland?

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