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Disney vs Adult Film Industry in DVD Format War

12 May

The Disney Blog today has a story about Disney’s continued move towards the new Blu-Ray DVD format, which is currently battling against the new HD-DVD format for market dominance.

On the other hand, it’s been long believed that the high-definition DVD format battle will be decided by the actions of the adult film industry, which were a significant factor in VHS’s victory over Beta. And for the moment, the porn producers seem to be siding with HD-DVD.

Now, I’m perfectly willing to wait until somebody wins this battle. I’m not buying a player until I’m sure we know who the winner is. But for those who simply have to have high definition DVDs now, this sets up an interesting conflict: Buy the player that lets the whole family watch the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, or that lets you watch more personal favorites when the kid’s away for the night?

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