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Busby Berkeley Awareness Weekend, Please?

12 Aug
Footlight Parade, image courtesy of Wikpedia

Footlight Parade, image courtesy of Wikpedia

Now that ESPN The Weekend has been cancelled at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, there are a few new weekends I’d like to see. From this week’s Jentasmic! at Studios Central:

Sure, you’ve been on The Great Movie Ride, so you’ve heard of Footlight Parade, and might even know that Busby Berkeleydance numbers were a key feature of the film. But have you actually *seen* any of his films? C’mon people, this is the man who directed classic performances including Judy Garland’s “I’ve Got Rhythm” and Carmen Miranda’s “Lady in the Tutti-Frutti Hat.” Let’s encourage Disney’s Hollywood Studios to get back to its old school Hollywood roots with some outrageous production numbers in the main hub in front of the Sorcerer’s Hat. How about a few film screenings, perhaps in the moonlight over Echo Lake? And just imagine the merchandise potential. I want my Tutti Fruitti hat, gosh darn it.

And just think: The Sci Fi Dine In would be perfect for a Monster Movies Weekend. C’mon, Disney!

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