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Nara Dreamland: Another Disney Clone Park

16 Jun

Thank goodness for the Interweb. How else would I have friends like Eric from MouseGuest, who send me links to awesome things I may have otherwise missed?

Nara Dreamland is another Asian Disney clone park, this time in Nara, Japan. The illustrated trip review at ThemeParkInsider presents it as a wonderful mass of contradictions. One minute you’re in Disneyland, the next you’re in that haunted, abandoned theme park from Spirited Away. And Hello Kitty is there too!

Haven’t had enough? Need a little spin on the Screw Coaster? Here’s a YouTube for you, from the same good people:

Is Disney the Most Desirable Employer?

14 Sep

According to WFTV.co, Business Week has named Disney the “most desirable employer,” after surveying undergraduates and the career services that advise them.

Those survey respondents might want to take a look at yesterday’s Seattle Times, which mentions protests by Chinese workers who call Disney a sweatshop.

The most desirable employer perhaps, but for whom?

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