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Sunday Morning Cartoons: Humpty Dumpty

10 Feb

Broke Hoedown Jr. and I have been working our way through The Cartoons That Time Forgot: Ub Iwerks, Volume 1. We’d seen a few snippets of Iwerks non-Disney cartoons in “The Hand Behind the Mouse,” a documentary included in the Oswald DVD tin. We were especially taken by “Humpty Dumpty,” one of many ComicColor cartoons in the collection, with music provided by Carl Stalling.

A word of warning to parents, though: While “Humpty Dumpty” is pretty family-friendly, a lot of the cartoons in this collection have ugly racial stereotypes, and occasionally troublesome portrayals of women. In my home, we use these problematic images as learning experiences, and discuss the historical and social context, but I could also understand why plenty of families would simply not expose their kids to them.

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