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The Family That Geeks Together, Keeps Together

5 Apr
Anime Boston 2007, with Dan Hess and my son

Anime Boston 2007, with Dan Hess and my son

Wondering what I’m up to when I’m not geeking out about Disney? Well, I just might be geeking out about anime, or nerdcore, or even sneaking in a little tabletop gaming. And now that convention season is upon us, I’m writing a whole lotta powerpoint slides.

If you’re interested in any of these aspects of geek culture, swing by my family’s Facebook page: The Family That Geeks Together. We’ll be presenting our signature panel at Anime Boston 2011 this year, as well as a couple others; information is on our Facebook events page, plus one more panel I’m on at Anime Boston this year.

If you’re at Anime Boston, ConnectiCon, or PortCon this year, come say hello! I’m always easy to spot at these cons: Just look for the middle-aged lady with the short bleached blonde hair. There’s rarely more than one.

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