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Mash-up: Spirited Away/You’ll Be in My Heart

16 Jul

Kudos to Larkiepants! This mash-up is so good, it almost makes me like Phil Collins. Almost.

Spirited Away is easily one of the best films I’ve ever seen, and I’m not just saying that because ConnectiCon just renewed my obsession with anime (though I can blame ConnectiCon for the fact that my Netflix queue is now full of Bleach and Neon Genesis Evangelion). I’m saying that because Hayao Miyazaki is indeed a master storyteller, and this mash-up reminded me just how deeply touched I was by the story of this little girl finding her courage and strength. And if you’re intimidated by anime, and averse to subtitles, you’ll be relieved to hear that John Lasseter and company did a fine job with the English dub.

Victims of Downtown Disney Kidnapping Decide Not to Prosecute

13 Jun

Interesting story from today’s Orlando Sentinel:

The victims of a recent robbery and kidnapping at Downtown Disney have decided not to prosecute if the Orange County Sheriff’s Office captures their abductors.

“They both signed DOI’s within the past hour,” sheriff’s spokesman Jim Solomons said shortly after 11 a.m. Wednesday. DOI stands for declination of intent, a form stating that victims decline to prosecute.

The abduction early Sunday of Jessica DellaCamera and Justin Stetzer, tourists from Connecticut, attracted national attention after they reported being taken at gunpoint from Downtown Disney, Walt Disney World’s shopping and nightclub center.

There’s been a lot of back and forth on this story, including a period in time when the Connecticut Police disbelieved the report, based on a misidentification of one of the victims. We might not have heard the last of this story.

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