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Disney CMO Top 10

2 Mar

The top 10 Disney Chief Magic Official candidates are now online – go check it out and cast your vote!

I’d submitted an application myself, but am no longer in the race (I didn’t even make the first cut, actually). Mr Broke Hoedown tells me I should throw my endorsement behind a candidate . . . this is gonna be a tough call, I gotta say.

Disney Chief Magic Official Entries Due Today

27 Jan

If it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would ever get done! And I’ll bet I’m not the only one around here who learned how to use non-linear video editing software over the last couple weeks, preparing a video resume for the Disney Chief Magic Official contest. Entries are due today, January 27.

I’m not entirely clear whether the contest rules allow me to upload my video to YouTube, so for the moment at least I can’t post it for you. (Suffice it to say I look rather fetching in Mickey ears with my business suit, and that I gotz mad PowerPoint skillz.) The rules say that “All Online Entries become the sole property of the Sponsor,” which seems to imply that I no longer have any intellectual property rights over my entry, so I’m playing it safe.

I actually uploaded my video resume a couple days ago (thank you, hotel wireless network!), and it hasn’t appeared yet on the Disney CMO “watch videos” section, which makes me think that page just reflects a random sample. Plus, for the moment at least they’re not making it easy to link to individual videos, so it would seem they’re hoping none of these videos will go viral yet. I bet that’ll change once we get into the “Top 10” round, where online voting counts.

I know my chances of winning are very small. Many will enter, few will win, yadda yadda. But it was a lot of fun making the video! My best wishes to all of you who are entering the contest too.

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