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Let’s Hear from the Disney Fangirls!

25 May

How very kind of Mr. Matt “Outstanding” Hochberg to provide me with a little soap box over at StudiosCentral! I must say I like to step up on it from time to time, and have done so this week with a little ditty about the need for more women’s voices in the Disney Digerati. A brief snippet:

I’m not sure what exactly would be different if we were hearing more from the babes. After all, women aren’t exactly a monolithic group . . . we’re quite heterogeneous in fact, and hail from all sorts of different backgrounds, and points of view. Gender is just one of many factors that influence the way every person sees the world, and any individual person’s perspective includes a mash-up of influences. As each of us view the world, the way we see it will be influenced by all these factors, and each of us is able to see certain bits and pieces hidden to others. I do believe there are things that we as a community can’t see as clearly if some influences aren’t heard as clearly as others.

In response, I got a nice email from a reader who encouraged me to think about the notion that women tend to have more diverse sets of interests (and therefore may not tunnel down specifically into just one area of expertise), which in turn made me think about the buzz over women’s non-linear career paths. I do believe the research bears out on this one (though right now I’m too lazy to do the literature review) . . . women do tend to make more lateral career moves than men do, and oftentimes also have a long absence from the workforce due to child-rearing responsibilities, which has tons of repercussions when they return.

And what does all this have to do with the Disney fan world? Well, echoing my Jentasmic column above, none of us live in a vacuum. It’s not like we leave the rest of the world behind when we talk about Disney, or when we walk under that railroad station on our way to Main Street USA (as much as it may feel like we do!). The world (including our Disney fan world) is a richer place because we are not all the same person.

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