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Be Prepared – Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19

9 Sep

September 19 is the annual International Talk Like a Pirate Day. There’s still time to prepare! Check their site for pirate tunes, embroidery stitching patterns, Frequently Asked Questions (what’s chum, anyway?), and a schedule of events, both regional and online.

No word yet on the plans for International Talk Like a Ninja Day.

Ask a Ninja Pirates Of the Caribbean 3 Review

19 Jun

Ask a Ninja doesn’t seem to have enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Go fig.

Lessons Learned from Tiki Room Overhaul

8 Feb

Re-Imagineering’s great article Be Yourself explores the lessons learned from the mid90’s update of The Enchanted Tiki Room. Their observations are spot-on. The crux of the problem?

When Disney tries to be hip, it looks like a good-natured dorky kid trying to act cool. The good kid always comes off looking like a jerk. We like the good-natured dorky kid; he reminds us of ourselves. (That’s why audiences fell in love with Mickey Mouse, isn’t it?) The kid needs to grow and change, but if he changes into another person, if he isn’t true to himself, we won’t like him anymore.

Sounds like over-reaching? Read the full article. If you pine for the original Tiki Room (still available at Disneyland, by the way), you’ll probably agree with their observations.

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