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Vintage Walt Disney Cartoon: Alice’s Egg Plant (1925)

7 Jul

Chickens going on strike! An oversized mouse laying an egg! Check out Alice’s Egg Plant, one of the Alice comedies made by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks in the 1920s. (Might want to watch it with the sound off . . . the soundtrack was dubbed in later, and is somewhat distracting. Thanks Crayshen for posting it to YouTube!)

You might notice one of the main characters strongly resembles Felix the Cat . . . this is not an accident. From Wikipedia:

Julius the Cat, later renamed Mike to match the name of Ike the Mouse which he often appeared with, bears a striking resemblance to Felix the Cat. This wasn’t accidental: Charles Mintz, who distributed both the Felix series for Pat Sullivan and the Alice series for Walt Disney, had insisted on this in an attempt to emulate Felix’s success. Ike the Mouse on the other hand, bears a striking resemblance to a nude Mickey Mouse. This couple was one of the earlier attempts to create a cat and mouse pair in the animation business.

Ah, the earliest forerunners of Itchy and Scratchy . . . it warms my heart.

Many Value Resort Guests Getting Free Upgrades

8 Jun

A whole lot of people who’d booked Walt Disney World Value resorts during the Free Dining promotion just received free upgrades to Old Key West (OKW) or Saratoga Springs Resorts (SSR), both of which are Disney Vacation Club (DVC) locations. The free upgrade offer went out by email to specific people; you can’t just call with the code, you have to receive the code direct from Disney.

Some people are being upgraded into one bedroom villas, but most are given studios. Either way it’s a deal. Rack rate for those studios at the time in question is $279/night, while the Values run closer to $82/night.

The email clearly stated that free upgrades could not be combined with other promotions, but those accepting the upgrade have been told by the booking Cast Members that they’re keeping their Free Dining. Kinda like hitting the Disney lottery, really! The upgrade offer also states that all balances must be paid in full when upgrading, but so far it sounds like the Cast Members aren’t enforcing that either. I’ve got to wonder whether there’s some kind of mix-up at Central Reservations.

There’s plenty of speculation about how people were chosen. Maybe it was random, maybe it was people who booked Free Dining on the first day. It does seem clear that everybody receiving the upgrade booked direct with Disney, not through a Travel Agent. And the people receiving the upgrade all seem to be staying over Labor Day weekend, a busy time. But in any case, Disney’s motives in offering the upgrades seem to be clear: There are plenty of rooms available at OKW and SSR, and they’re not likely to fill them up (goodness knows there’s way too many resort rooms at WDW), so why not move some of those Value Guests up, so they can sell more Value rooms? And perhaps just a few of those who got the free upgrades will fall in love with Disney Vacation Club, and buy into the timeshare properties.

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