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Dystopian Art by Yanobe Kenji: Mickey the Knight

4 Aug

Mr. Broke Hoedown sent me this Pink Tentacle post:

Mickey the Knight, a sculptural work by visionary neo-pop artist Yanobe Kenji, is a mouse-eared, gas-masked, fully-armored warrior who looks like a mutant samurai member of the Mickey Mouse Club.

According to Yanobe’s notes, which were on display along with Mickey the Knight at a recent Yokosuka Museum of Art exhibit, he was invited to submit a Disney-themed piece for Disneyland’s giant 50th anniversary celebration held in 2005. Known for work that explores issues like how to survive and have fun in post-apocalyptic settings, Yanobe drew inspiration from the legendary Mickey Mouse Gas Mask, an intriguing historical artifact whose background story reflects some of the themes found in Yanobe’s work.

Not surprisingly, Disney chose not to display this work after all.

The same Pink Tentacle post includes a color photo of the Mickey Mouse gas mask previously mentioned here. It’s even creepier in color.

World War Two Era Mickey Mouse Gas Mask

23 Jul

Okay, I am officially creeped out. So, I decided to share it with you! Here’s more detail, from: gasmasklexikon:

The Mickey Mouse Gas Mask was produced as part of the war production program. The Sun Rubber Company produced approximately 1,000 Mickey Mouse gas masks and earned an Army-Navy ‘E’ for excellence in wartime production in 1944. Overall, production of the Noncombatant Gas Masks (and in fact, all gas masks) was one of the most successful production programs of the war. In fact, production had to be curtailed early due to the vast quantity produced.

Hat tip: Dark Roasted Blend.

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