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Gayest WDW Today Podcast Ever!

18 Sep

Episode 310 of the WDW Today Podcast is totally gay – and you know, coming from me this is a compliment on the highest order. Our WDW Today buddies interview the authors of Queens in the Kingdom: The Ultimate Gay and Lesbian Guide to the Disney Theme Parks, and it’s genius. Best Holy Land Experience reference ever! And you’ve just gotta love a show that prompts one listener to leave this comment: “The bitter, jaded Italian female is a lot like the smart, hot gay in many respects.” Hubba.

How is it that I don’t own this book already? Jeffrey and Eddie, will you please please please start up either a blog or a podcast? Or at least come out to Boston to do a reading of your “Seven Gayest Attractions at the Disney Parks” . . . we got a few queens out here, a few Disney fans, I’m sure we could pack the house!

Mash-up: Bambi’s Mad world

6 Jul

Haunting, sweet, sad. Big kudos to Alietje2908.

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