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Anti-gay Banners Flown Over Gay Days at Disney World

6 Jun

From WESH.com:

The Florida Family Association is boycotting [Gay Days at Walt Disney World, June 4-5]. The group is spending $7,000 to fly banners for two days near Disney warning unsuspecting families, “They’re about to be thrust into a crowd of thousands reveling in gay pride.”

Hmm. Is there someone we could convince to fly banners warning us when crowd levels are higher than anticipated, or Space Mountain is down, or Kilimanjaro Safaris is closing early, or other such factors? Clearly any of these interfere with park touring far more than a bunch of people hanging out in red shirts, especially since (rumor has it) the late-night partying keeps crowd levels fairly low at rope drop.

But on a more serious note: If you haven’t been to Gay Days and wonder what they’re really like, try listening to a few people who have. (I haven’t been yet myself, and receiving happy photos from a friend over the weekend strengthened my resolve to get there one of these years!)

Jentasmic: Pixie Dust for Gay Days

4 Jun

One commenter calls it “Disturbing . . . and wishful.” Another just plain loves the post. Head on over to Studios Central and see what you think about my column today, Pixie Dust for Gay Days. A snippet to whet your appetite (or perhaps disquiet you):

Trust me: Being queer isn’t always as much fun as Neil Patrick Harris and Ellen DeGeneres make it look. There are some bumps in the road, some scary moments, just like everybody has scary moments in life. In a way, there’s nothing all that special about being queer: Everybody in life faces challenges of one sort or another, everybody knows somebody who doesn’t like them, everybody’s had to say something they were scared to come out with now and then.

Maybe these are all things that people can keep in mind if they find themselves facing one of the questions I sometimes hear from the twitchy straight people: Will my children see men holding hands? Will I have to explain to them about homosexuality?

And hey, if you want to hear more about Gay Days, you’re in luck. On next week’s Those Darn Cats, I interview three of our listeners who’ve been to Gay Days at least a time or two. Check back on Wednesday, and the show will be up.

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