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Jentasmic on “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day”

2 Oct

I’m loving the newly-announced 2010 Disney Parks promotion! And I was surprised to hear a whole lotta meh and some real hating when it was announced a couple days ago. Not surprisingly, I figured I’d get it out of my system through this week’s Jentasmic! column at StudiosCentral.com. A taste:

But really now, most Disney promotions are about supporting the brand that continues to support and attract Parks traffic, not directly driving new traffic into the Parks. People aren’t unaware of Disney World and Disneyland, they just need a little reminder. And the audience for these promotions isn’t the Disney Digerati, those who haunt messages boards and blogs and podcasts…..the audience is the casual Disney Guest, who might just need a little reminder to prompt them to consider Disney travel. And yes, that casual Disney Guest includes those hit hard by the recession. And I’m willing to bet that for some of them, especially those within a day-trip or with family they could stay with near the Park, this means a chance to spend a Disney Day with their family that simply wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Maybe this promotion is for them more than it is for us, the Disney geeks, the Annual Passholders, those with the luxury to visit at least once a year, and the determination to make it happen even when times are tight. (It’s certainly not designed to target a person like myself, who will likely be holding dual Passports for Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World by this December, and feeling a tad cranky about the lack of a Global Annual Pass.)

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