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Mickey Mouse’s CAT Scan

1 Sep

There’s been a serious breach of medical ethics and confidentiality: Mickey’s CAT scan results are available on line. Check em now, before he sues and gets them taken down.

There are other medical data on the site as well; it appears that Goofy’s privacy may have been breached as well, though I don’t recognize some of the others. It’s probably better that way. This feels so wrong. I’m going home to climb under the blankets and watch Pete’s Dragon.

Desktop Wallpaper: Mickey climbs the Matterhorn

30 Aug

At Disneyland this summer, as part of the still-going-and-going celebration of Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary “Happiest Homecoming on Earth,” they’re running an occasional brief show where Mickey climbs the Matterhorn, with a little encouragement from Minnie and Goofy, as well as silent help from an anonymous friend. Here’s a shot of Mickey at the top of the Matterhorn, with streamers flying to announce his victory:

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(Image posted here through ImageShack.)

It’s a fairly decent resolution, and should work well as a desktop on many systems. I edited it a bit, removing most traces of the wires on which Tinkerbell flies during the fireworks.

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