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Jentasmic! Pixie Dust and Boxer Shorts

18 Dec

´╗┐Nothing says “dinner with Len Testa” like waking up the next morning in moose boxer shorts.

But actually, this is a story about Disney’s excellent Guest Services. A tidbit here, to convince you to wander on over to StudiosCentral to read more:

The evening could have taken a less enjoyable turn, though, when our waitress inadvertently dropped a full tray of drinks on my shoulder. A hush fell over the restaurant as clinking glasses and ice cubes hit the ground, by way of my back. I was soaked through from neck to knee, on my right side. This could have been a real joy-killer.

But Disney lived up to its Guest Services standards.

And it all wraps up with Yee Haw Bob. How fabulous was my evening?

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