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Mash-up: Spirited Away/You’ll Be in My Heart

16 Jul

Kudos to Larkiepants! This mash-up is so good, it almost makes me like Phil Collins. Almost.

Spirited Away is easily one of the best films I’ve ever seen, and I’m not just saying that because ConnectiCon just renewed my obsession with anime (though I can blame ConnectiCon for the fact that my Netflix queue is now full of Bleach and Neon Genesis Evangelion). I’m saying that because Hayao Miyazaki is indeed a master storyteller, and this mash-up reminded me just how deeply touched I was by the story of this little girl finding her courage and strength. And if you’re intimidated by anime, and averse to subtitles, you’ll be relieved to hear that John Lasseter and company did a fine job with the English dub.

Music Video: Stitch Dances High School Musical

1 Jul

Tired of Stitch taking over Magic Kingdom? Irked that High School Musical pep rally spent all that time in Tommorowland? Then dude, you really don’t want to watch this.

The Daily Show: Disney vs. Anaheim Housing Dispute

22 Jun

Not recommended for Disney purists or the easily offended, it’ll just get yer hackles up. (Though I’m guessing none of those folks read this blog anyway, now do they?)

And hey, don’t watch this one with the kids either, unless you feel like explaining what fellatio is.

Creepy Mashup: The Incredibles Recut

22 Jun

Not for the little ones. Don’t go calling me at 3AM if it gives you nightmares.

What’s More Offensive: Aladdin or Song of the South?

17 Sep

Entertainment Weekly Online has published EW’s list of the Top 25 Most Controversial Movies Ever. Disney’s 1992 Aladdin is listed at spot #23

I was surprised by many of the omissions from the list . Where was Cruisin’, which brought out protesters in droves to voice their opposition to its stereotypes of gay sadomasochistic murder? How about Hail Mary, which my then-roommate George and I ran to see in a hurry, after hearing that nuns were picketing the theatre in their outrage over a sensual solo scene of the Virgin Mary? Where was Song of the South, which Disney periodically reassures the public they won’t release on DVD, given its deeply disturbing racial stereotypes?

Surely any of these three was more controversial than Aladdin, which made repairs to its offensive lyrics (though I’ll admit there are still some cringe-worthy moments) and has subsequently spawned two sequels with little if any public outcry. You don’t see Disney planning Song of the South 2, do you?

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