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Hilary Duff “That’s So Gay” PSA

9 Oct

(Hat tip: Feministing.)

Kudos to Hilary Duff!

I hope this gets a lot of airplay when tweens are watching. I know plenty of kids who use that phrase without thinking about what it means…even in the presence of their friends whose families are headed by same-sex couples. While there’s still plenty of genuine homophobia out there, there’s also a lot of ignorance.

Let’s not forget the anniversary of Matthew Shepherd‘s death is coming up. The Gay/Straight Alliance at my son’s school is holding a candlelight memorial tonight. It was a bittersweet moment when I read that in the daily announcements email; bitter that he died that way, sweet that teenagers today have GSAs and can come together with their communities to remember him, and remind us all that we’re not in some idealistic post-homophobia world.

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