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Anaheim Hospitality Workers Struggle With Housing

4 Mar

From the L.A. Times, “Disney ‘fairy tale’ isn’t for everyone:”

The job description is simple: Make the customers believe that Disneyland is “a magic kingdom where life is a fairy tale and dreams really do come true.”

But at the end of the workday, many of the people who work at the “Happiest Place on Earth” sleep on air mattresses, in by-the-week motel rooms and in apartments shared with other families.

“I’ve been at this motel since 1997,” said Derrick, a Disney security guard who pays $209 a week rent. He spoke to me Thursday night while standing in the doorway of the room he shares with two elderly aunts at Arena Inn and Suites in Anaheim, about a mile from his job.

The article interviews other Disneyland CMs and others in Anaheim tourism jobs, talking about their outrageous commutes and living situations, based on the low wages and high cost of housing in Anaheim.

I’m too big of a Disney fan to ever stop going to the parks. But I sure would enjoy the parks more if I felt the CMs were paid well-enough to live in decent housing, and if Disney would support affordable housing in the area.

Affordable Housing Plan Rejected in Anaheim

23 Jan

ocregister.com reports that an Anaheim planning commission rejects plan for homes next to Disneyland:

At a Planning Commission meeting, Disneyland and tourist-business officials spoke against the proposal to permit residential uses in the Anaheim Resort, saying it could hurt tourism expansion.

But affordable-housing and union officials praised the plan as a way to put low-cost residences near where resort employees work.

Housing for Cast Members vs. “tourism expansion.” Does anybody really think that the Disneyland area needs more support for tourism? Puh-leeze. Give the Cast Members decent, affordable housing near their place of work. Everybody wins.

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