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We Be Talkin’ As Scurvy Dogs Today

19 Sep

Meeting Captain JackAs ye no doubt already know, today is at last the day when we shall be talkin as the scurvy dogs that we be!

If ye be feelin a bit less than seaworthy, or like ye’ve got hands of salted pork, The International Talk Like A Pirate Day web site or KarateParty should get yer knickers out o that knot. And if ye’ve already been to Singapore, visit The Difference Blog for a more scholarly look at lasses with cutlasses.

Still not a single peep from Talk Like a Ninja Day. We’ll be keepin a weather eye on those scallywags.

Be Prepared – Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19

9 Sep

September 19 is the annual International Talk Like a Pirate Day. There’s still time to prepare! Check their site for pirate tunes, embroidery stitching patterns, Frequently Asked Questions (what’s chum, anyway?), and a schedule of events, both regional and online.

No word yet on the plans for International Talk Like a Ninja Day.

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