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No Jedi Mickey This Year?

16 May

Rumor has it that Jedi Mickey won’t appear this year at Star Wars Weekends. Darn! I gotta admit that I wasn’t really all that into meeting Jedi Mickey myself . . . but I know he’s popular, and I was banking on him to draw some of the crowds away from the lines for Stormtrooper Donald, my personal fave.

If you were really looking forward to meeting Jedi Mickey, or just want to support me in my desire to thin the Stormtrooper Donald lines a bit, here’s the address you might wanna write to:

Guest Communications
Executive Offices
PO Box 10040
Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830-0040


And, of course, things could be worse. There are people in this world with genuine problems . . . the pictures from China in this morning’s paper made me weep, and I know things in Burma are even worse. So, while you’ve got that pen handy, please consider whether you might want to send a few bucks to Doctors Without Borders. For the price of a pair of embroidered Mickey ears you can do some good.

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