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1971 WDW Mickey Mouse Revue on YouTube

23 Nov

Feeling a little nostalgic? LoreneFaith‘s just added a bunch of segments from the 1971 Walt Disney World opening TV special to YouTube. I’ve been grooving out to the Mickey Mouse Revue:

There are also two versions of When You Wish Upon a Star, one by Julie Andrews and the other by a full choir. Either of these might be of interest to my MouseGuest Weekly buddies Eric and Dan (as they recently did an entire MGW segment about that song, on show #119 ).

Watching the segment with the full choir, I was really struck by how our attention spans have changed since the early 1970s, or at least how much television producers perceive those attention spans have shortened. It’s hard to imagine anything showing on the Disney channel today with so many long shots of large crowds, without constant interspersions of pretty, well-polished teen stars.

(And say, is this a good moment to ask why on earth Ashley Tisdale was singing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in front of a giant stone rhino? No? I didn’t think so.)

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