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Lost Season 6 Promos from Comic-Con

7 Aug

From The Onion’s AV Club article about Comic-Con Day Three:

The biggest tease, though, was a series of commercials screened about midway through the panel, which suggested an alternate universe where Oceanic Flight 815 landed without incident. The airline had a commercial promoting 30 years of flight without an accident, followed by an ad where Hurley promoted a new dish at Mr. Cluck’s Chicken inspired by his Australian vacation. And then there was an America’s Most Wanted segment (complete with John Walsh) about capturing Kate, still a fugitive, but on the run for having killed one of her stepfather’s employees, not her stepfather himself (something Lindelof suggested would be important). Does this mean Lost’s sixth season will have undone all of the development from the first five seasons and that Jack’s plan actually worked? (Lindelof and Cuse nicely got right out in front of this by having Garcia ask that very question in pretty much those very words.) The two insisted we’ll have to trust them, though, Garcia pointed out, the last time they said that, we got Nikki and Paolo.

(Insert obligatory shudder at mention of Nikki and Paolo.)

I was glad to find the promo on YouTube, courtesy of TVOvermind:

Season 5 was a bit disappointing to me; seems to me it was a lot more fun getting to know the characters and the mysteries than the recent round of more expository episodes. I’m hopeful for Season 6, but even more so for the long-rumored Season 7, in which the producers tell us all major characters will return as zombies.

Satire: New Lost TV Spin-off Show

29 May

The Onion breaks a fabulous (satirical) story about a new spin-off with a familiar character from the ABC/Disney show Lost:

“Somewhere between the smoke monster’s first appearance on Lost— when it was depicted as a strange unseen force uprooting trees—and that episode in season three where it grabbed Mr. Eko and smashed him against the ground until he was dead, this character became the breakout star of the show,” said Stephen McPherson, president of ABC Entertainment. “And that’s exactly why we’re so excited about Where There’s Smoke. We get to see the monster’s light comedic side in a show about life, love, and good friends having good times.”

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