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Roll Call: Magic Meet 2008

8 Dec

I assure you that I’m holding up fine, not being at MouseFest and all. Of course, I’ve already marked my calendar for MouseFest 2008 (December 11-15), and marked my calendar for the 330-day window so I can book my frequent-flier-mile ticket as soon as the airlines let me, but don’t let that make you think I’m antsy or anything! (Say, do you think I should stay at Scopa Towers, or will it be too packed with Pop Warner or cheerleaders or somesuch?)

Pal Mickey, on the other hand, seems to be getting a little depressed. So, help me out a little here, okay people? He and I already have quite firm plans to attend Magic Meet 2008, on Saturday July 19, which we’re guessing will be somewhere near Harrisburg PA (though we’ll surely travel anywhere in New England for it). And I just know many of our favorite bloggers, podcasters, and overall Disney geeks will be there . . . but Mickey’s a little skeptical. So, time for a roll call! Who’s going to Magic Meet 2008? And whaddya think, should I make matching cat costumes for Mickey and me?

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